Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunday – May 10, 2015 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 88F

It’s getting redundant but it is another beautiful day at sea…

My next presentation is an hour earlier today – “Life and Death of Pharaohs” is at 10 AM.  The crowds are still there and the talk went well.

Today is Mother’s Day and the ship has put together a Mother’s Day Brunch in the Club Restaurant.  We had agreed last night to meet Heather and Danny at the brunch.  Danny is an engineer and loves to chat about technical stuff and Heather always has something interesting to say; we had a great time at the brunch.  The food was OK and the crowds weren’t so bad (thanks to the small size of the ship).  We wanted to get a picture together so we tried a few locations and found a willing photographer.

20150510_heather danny and us (Small)20150510_heather danny and us 2 (Small)

A little windy on deck

20150510_heather danny and us 3 (Small)

A little calmer inside

At 2:30 PM, I went to the Cabaret Theater to listen to Sharon Lee, our producer friend from Los Angeles, speak on her project to make a movie about Ann Dinardi.  Ann Dinardi was a woman who sheltered and mentored famed basketball players Jerry West and Ron Hundley, while they were students at UWV.  Sharon didn’t have any AV except for a film of Jerry West giving a testimonial to Ann at her 90th birthday (I think).  The audience liked the presentation and I found it very interesting since I knew about both of those players when they were on the Lakers.

Another sea day, another great dinner in the Panorama Bistro.  More yummy pizza and salad.  Never gets old for me.

Tony Pace did his second show of the cruise tonight and it was just as terrific as his first.  His singing was great and once again, he brought the audience into his show.  You will never catch me in the first two rows of his shows.

Tomorrow, we start our Mexico Swing…

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