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Sunday, July 28, 2013 – At Sea (Baltic) – Mostly Cloudy – 72F

A beautiful day at Sea…

20130728_100109 (Small) 20130728_Sea Day Baltic (Small)

After the port – and tour – intensive past few days, a sea day is most welcome. 

Most of that relaxing will have to take place in the afternoon since my third talk – “Mystery of the Romanovs” – is scheduled for 11:15 AM in the Celebrity Theater.  John is still introducing me, which is great (his intros are spot on and warm up the audience).

I am a bit surprised at the size of the crowd at this talk.  There are people everywhere – even all sides of the balcony.  The theater is about half full.  I checked with a member of the crew and they told me that the seating capacity of the Theater is 900.  I am estimating this attendance at 400 plus passengers.

IMG_20130728_Mystery of the Romanovs (Small)

“Mystery of the Romanovs”

Since this may be the final talk, I added the “OJ Moment” to this presentation.  I also told the attendees that the Entertainment Department was looking into scheduling a Q and A session on the last sea day.  Earlier in the cruise, I was asked by some passengers if we couldn’t have a Q and A on OJ Simpson (a story that will no go away).

The timing of this talk was perfect as we had spent two days in St. Petersburg earlier in the week.  Names and sites were familiar and that added to the effectiveness of the presentation.  The crowd was very interactive and engaged – maybe two of three people left before the talk concluded (one of my metrics of success).  I had a number of people stay after and chat (questions, comments). 

Following the presentation, we went to the San Marco Dining Room for the Celebrity Brunch.  I had the usual good fare – bagels/lox/cream cheese, veggie egg beater omelet, salad, and assorted sweet stuff.  Always a great brunch.

In the afternoon, I attended Harry’s presentation (Part I) on Rasputin. The rest of the day was spent reading – I am making a little progress on “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”.  I also spent some more time in the fabulous Solarium Pool.  I could spent hours in there, surrounded by hot, sea water, and staring up at the sky through the glass ceiling.  

Another great dinner in the San Marco Dining Room.

Pedometer: 3016 steps; 1.4 miles;  166 calories;  0:34

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