Sunday, August 4, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013 – At Sea (Baltic) – Party Cloudy – Mid 70s

Beautiful day at sea…

Breakfast in the Ocean View Café – scrambled eggs, oatmeal, bagel.

Talk No. 2 - “Cold Cases Solved” – was scheduled in the Celebrity Theater at 10:15 AM.  Another introduction from John.  Either the word got out or the non-CSI crowd showed up.  There were 200 plus attendees (based on a seating capacity of 900).  The talk, which is the longest of the series, still finished on time.  A few people stayed after to chat and ask questions.  It went well.

We had lunch in the San Marco Restaurant – it is a little quieter and more relaxed than the Ocean View Café.  Not as many choices as the Ocean View Café.

After lunch, I took in Harry’s second talk about “Hans Christian Andersen”.  He showed some cute clips from the Danny Kaye movie.

20130722_Sea day 8 PM (Small)

Reflections Lounge – 8 PM

We didn’t stay for ShowTime tonight but instead spent the evening in the Reflections Lounge.  I finished my Spenser Audio Book (the closing credits mentioned that the book was produced by actress, Deborah Raffin).  

I have another Spenser audio book but I am having trouble getting into it because the person reading it sounds like he might be 15 and about as tough as a cream puff.  David Dukes, Joe Mantegna, and even Burt Reynolds make Spenser sound like the “tough guy” he is.  Not this guy.  Didn’t anybody listen to this book before it was published.

Seas are calm…

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