Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 – Kusadasi, Turkey – Sunny – 90F

Distance from Mykonos to Kusadasi: 109 Nautical Miles

Local Information:  Kusadasi (after the many trips here, the name is now pronounced “Koo-sah-dah-see”) is still “Bird Island” and Ataturk is still watching over the city from his hill.  It is one of Turkey’s main vacation destinations.  The archeological site of Ephesus was established in the 10th century BC but the city, as it exists today, was constructed by one of Alexander the Great’s Generals. 

Ellen is on tour to Ephesus today and I plan to walk around the city. 

taking a picture of Kusadasi (Small)

Ellen shooting Ataturk Hill

Many of the stores that used to populate the main street in Kusadasi have closed or been replaced by other stores (I have been here enough to see the difference).  My favorite salon (for massages) is no longer there – she did indicate she would be moving but that was a while ago.  The city is still bustling and the drivers are still crazy.

I did manage to walk much of the beachfront part of Kusadasi and was able to capture the beach and the ship in several photos.  I also got a picture of the statue of a hand holding black and white birds.  I am not sure of the significance of the statue but it is popular with folks walking the beach.  There are quite a few people at the beach today even though it is in the middle of the week.  Check out the sequence below.

Kusadasi Beach and Silhouette (Small)

Silhouette from Kusadai Beach (Small) Silhouette from Kusadai Beach 1 (Small) Silhouette and Statue of Hand and Birds (Small) Silhouette docked Kusadasi (Small)

My journey through Kusadasi lasted about three hours.  Back at the ship I had quick lunch and spent the rest of the day in the Solarium.

Kusadasi and Seabourne Ship (Small)

Ataturk Hill and the Seabourne Ship from the Solarium

Ellen was on tour today to Ephesus, Virgin Mary Home, and city tour of Kusadasi.

Ellen was due back from Ephesus about 2:30 PM and I somehow managed to capture her return from the 12th deck.  Can you spot her?

E returning from tour - from deck 14 (Small)

Ellen returning from Ephesus

The best seat in the house for checking out the shoreline of Kusadasi and beyond is the Sky Lounge.

Kusadasi from Sky Lounge (Small)

We are simply too tired to go to the Dining Room tonight (and there are few things we see on the menu) so we make our first foray into the Oceanview Restaurant.  Stir fry and dessert make up the menu.  We plan to return to the Dining Room tomorrow.

The Oceanview Restaurant does afford great sail away views.

Kusadasi Sail Away (Small) Kusadasi Sail Away 1 (Small) Kusadasi Sail Away 2 (Small) Kusadasi Sail Away 3 (Small) 

Kusadasi Sail Away (Photos above) 

My third talk - “Mystery  of the Romanovs” – scheduled for 8:15 PM and is sandwiched in between the two shows and dining room seatings.  I am very satisfied that the talk attracts 70 attendees.  I had to hurry a bit to make the talk fit into the 45 minutes allotted.  Several passengers stayed after to ask questions so I was very late to the show.

Showtime: Italian Singer – Enrico Cifiello.  I only caught the last few minutes of the show but I did like his version of “Time to Say Goodbye”.  Karen Grainger ended her show with the same song.

Pedometer: 10,331 steps; 4.9 miles; 506 calories

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