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Tuesday, August 28, 2012 – Mykonos, Greece – Sunny – 81F

Distance from Piraeus to Mykonos: 94 Nautical Miles

Local Information: Mykonos is a small island covering only 33 square miles.  Mykonos is part of the Cyclades group of Greek Islands.  The population of Mykonos is about 5000 but the island caters to 900,000 tourists annually.  Mykonos Town (Chora - “capital”) is the main town on the island.  It’s winding streets – replete with whitewashed structures – were designed to confuse pirates; today, these roads confuse tourists as effectively.

The good news.  We are not tendering into Mykonos today.  The ship is running shuttle busses between the pier and the outskirts of town – it is still a bit of a walk to the town.  Fortunately, the temperature is at least 20 degrees cooler than yesterday.

Me and Mykonos (Small)

Guess we’re in the right place

As we made our way to the city, we got some nice views of Chora.

 Chora (Small)

Chora 1 (Small)

Chora – Capital city of Mykonos

Once we got to the city, which was pretty unchanged since the last time we were here, we saw the back to back restaurants and bars that line the waterfront.

Chora beachfront walk (Small)

Chora Waterfront Shops and Restaurants

Near one of the restaurants, we were able to find an open WiFi network.  We connected and caught up with everything back home.

Silhouette from Mykonos Town (Small)

The Silhouette Docked (from Chora)

From the waterfront, we could see all of the other ships joining us at Mykonos.  The Ruby Princess and the Costa Atlantica  were tending today.  You can tell from the chop in the water that it was a windy day in Mykonos.

Ruby Princess and Costa Atlantica (Small)       Mykonos 1 (Small)

 Mykonos Harbor 2 (Small) 

Mykonos Harbor 

We walked the winding maze of streets and came across a restaurant with a nice garden area for sitting.  Didn’t get a good picture of the restaurant but I did get Ellen standing in front of the eatery.

E Restaurant in Mykonos (Small)

Even though Mykonos is a small Greek Island, it is still in touch with what is happening (how 60s). Case in point, the Avengers Movie is in town as we figured out from the poster. “Avengers” even looks cool in Greek.

Avengers in Greek (Small) 

After covering quite a bit of the town and trying unsuccessfully to get some Euros from the ATMs, we headed back to the ship.

Again, the sail away was picturesque.

Mykonos Sail Away (Small) Mykonos Sail Away 1 (Small) Mykonos Sail Away 3 (Small)

Mykonos Sail Away

After another nice dinner, we caught the second production show - “Velocity”.  I thought the title sounded familiar but this show was totally new.  Some great dancing and acrobatics.  I especially tried to capture the highlight –at least for me – of the show – The Irish Step Dancing.  The dancers were too fast to get a picture of.

Velocity (Small) Velocity 1 (Small) Velocity 2 (Small)

Velocity 3 (Small)

Velocity – a Great Show

Pedometer: 3696 steps; 1.75 miles; 181 calories

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