Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012 – At Sea – Mediterranean Sea – Sunny – 80s

A beautiful day at sea…

 At Sea 9-2 (Small) 

My morning is pretty much taken up by my final talk at 9:45 AM.  “Identifying the Famous and Infamous” drew about 100 attendees, the best attendance of the cruise and a good turnout for this particular voyage.  A number of passengers stayed after the talk to discuss various subjects and several of them wanted business cards – as it turned out, I ran out of all the cards brought to the talk.  I was pleased by the overall turnout and the enthusiasm of the attendees on this cruise.

Just before I set up for the talk, I took a picture of the navigation map outside Celebrity Central.  The most interesting thing about the map is the speed of the ship – 21 knots.  That is really punching it.  Venice is a long way from Chania so some speed is needed to get us there in one sea day.  The Silhouette, while really moving, was smooth as silk.

Ship location and speed 9-2 (Small)

Navigation Map

after the talk, we went to the Restaurant for the Brunch.  It’s a bit hectic but the food was varied and good and there were lots of good desserts.  Nobody goes away hungry from the Brunch. 

The weather was nice for most of the day (below) but later in the afternoon, the ship passed near a storm giving us our first view of rain clouds in the distance.  The shots were pretty spectacular including one shot where the sun was peaking through the clouds.

At Sea 9-2 1 (Small) Strange Sky 9-2 (Small)

Strange sky (Clouds and Sun) (actual color)

Rain clouds at sea 9-2 (Small) 

Storm Clouds in the Distance

After dinner, we took in David Meyer in the theater.  He had some technical difficulty with his set up so his two shows were combined into one late show.  He combined the electric xylophone and a synthesizer to get some interesting sound combinations.

David Meyer Showtime (Small)

David Meyer Performing

Tomorrow, we are in Venice, Italy.

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