Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012 – Chania, Crete, Greece – Sunny – 86F

Distance from Santorini to Chania: 86 Nautical Miles

Local Information:  Chania (“Hahn-ya”) is the second largest city on Crete (population approximately 100,000 in the metropolitan area).  It lies along the northern coast of Crete.   Chania sustained heavy bombing during WWII but is still one of the nicest urban areas in Crete.  The Central Square of the Old Town – Kasteli – has been inhabited since Neolithic times.

It is a beautiful day in Chania (sunny again with very few clouds).  The Silhouette is docked at Souda, the port city with a population of around 5000 people.  The last time we were here, our ship anchored off the old city and everyone tendered to the town.  Today, we are going to see what the new city of Chania is like. 

The town is buzzing with lots of stores, shops, and cars.  There are traffic signals and the locals are a little more aware of them than on mainland Greece.  One of the city squares, close to the market, is picturesque with the obligatory statue.

 Chania Town Square (Small)

City Square in Chania

We continue our walk and eventually wind up in the Old Town and the Harbor Area.  The Greek Orthodox Cathedral is a prominent feature of the Old Town area.

Chania Greek Orthodox Cathedral (Small)

Greek Orthodox Cathedral

The Venetian Harbor with its signature lighthouse is still a magnificent sight.  There are no ships an anchor on this day.

Venetian Harbor (Small)

The Venetian Harbor

Having seen both the New and Old towns of Chania, we head back to the harbor.  A couple of names were called out before we pushed so it’s possible some folks will have an extended stay in Chania.

The sequence below captured the scenic sail away from Chania on our way back out to the Mediterranean.  The deck was the perfect place to be for this sail away – being outside gave us a perfect view of the hills and mountains surrounding Chania.

 Chania Push (Small) Chania Sail Away (Small) Chania Sail Away 2 (Small) Chania Sail Away 3 (Small) Chania Sail Away 4 (Small) Chania Sail Away 5 (Small) Chania Sail Away 6 (Small) Chania Sail Away 7 (Small) Sail Away Chania on deck (Small)

Chania Sail Away Sequence (above)

We had dinner in the Restaurant and then caught a nice sunset in the Mediterranean.

Sunset 9-1 (Small)

Showtime tonight was “Silhouette the Show”.  This variety show,in the past, has generally been based on a Cirque theme.  It was very entertaining and featured just about all the entertainers on the ship (some that we had never seen before).  The main player was a tall thin contortionist who did some amazing things (e.g. climbing through a tennis racket).

Silhouette the Show (Small)

Silhouette the Show

Tomorrow – a relaxing day at Sea.

Pedometer: 8424 steps; 4.00 miles; 412 calories

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