Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012 – Naples, Italy – Sunny – 93F

Distance from Civitavecchia to Naples:  168 Nautical Miles

Local Information:  Naples is the third largest city in Italy (pop. 1.5 million).  Pizza was invented in Naples and the volcanic soil is credited with giving Neapolitan pizza is unique and wonderful quality.

Not a good night….awakened by noises coming from the ceiling at 3:30 AM and that was it for the night.  Ellen is on an early tour this morning so she ordered room service.  I had breakfast (the standard oatmeal, waffle with cottage cheese, and coffee) in the Oceanview Cafe. 

The ship is docked at a different location that our previous visits to Naples.  You can see a lot of the city from here – you can also make out what looks like smog – brown fog.  Vesuvius is mostly obscured by fog this morning – maybe I can get a shot of the volcano later in the day.

Naples from Ship 1 (Small) Naples from ship (Small)

Naples and harbor from ship (Small)

Naples from the Ship

We are joined in Naples by the Celebrity Equinox and the RCL Liberty of the Seas.  It is a 15 minute walk to the cruise terminal and shuttle busses are available.

Liberty OTS Equinox and feries (Small)

Superferry boat (Small)

Busy day for ships in Naples

Ellen is on tour - “Panoramic Naples with Pizza Tasting”.  The tour to Herculaneum (that I wanted) was already taken so I am staying on the ship (a good thing considering my sleep deficit). 

I signed up for the Spa Extravaganza in the Solarium.  I got a five minute version of: Hot Stone Massage, Hot Bamboo Massage, Thai Poultice Massage, and the Eye Treatment.  They were short but nice.

In the afternoon, we took the shuttle to the Port Entrance to try some pizza and find some free WiFi.  Because of the heat, we decided to try to find both right at the terminal.  As you might expect, the pizza turned out to be a disappointment at this restaurant and it took forever to arrive.  Too cheesy and rubbery and very little in the way of volcanic tomatoes.  The place had WiFi (the password was on the menu so I guess they don’t change it often).

The sail away was very picturesque and dominated by Mt. Vesuvius.

Mt Vesuvius 2 (Small)

Mt V and E1 (Small)

Italian Coastline s of Naples (Small)

Sail Away Napoli

Another nice dinner in the Grand Cuvee Dining Room.  We have been switched to a window table for four (by ourselves) which gives us more room and is quieter.  Perfect.

Showtime tonight features our friend, Karen Grainger.  Again her show was excellent and we chatted for a bit after the performance.

Karen Grainger Cher (Small)

Karen as Cher

It turns out that Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is Karen’s favorite song (mine too) and she really did it justice during this show.

     Hallelujah (Small) Hallelujah 1 (Small) 

Hallelujah as it was meant to be sung

Karen Grainger Showtime (Small)   

Karen taking her bows

Tomorrow we are in Catania, Sicily – a port we’ve never been to.

We are coming back to Catania later in the year so we will be able to preview the town.

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