Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012 – At Sea – Mediterranean Sea – Sunny – 90s

A beautiful day at Sea…

  Sea Day 8-26 10 (Small)

Clocks are now on Greek Island time (one hour forward) and I have a 9:45 AM talk this morning (“Cold Cases”).  My expectations are low for attendance but I am reasonably pleased at the 40 – 50 folks who changed their clocks and chose to join me this morning.  The only glitch was the daily announcements that took place at 10 AM and lasted for about 15 minutes (the Captain, Cruise Director, multi-lingual announcements).  The announcements are supposed to be muted in Celebrity Central but the AV folks forgot to do so.  The talk backed up to Bingo (which was eventually canceled due to a low turnout).

Sea Day 8-26 (Small)

View from the Solarium

Spent pretty much the whole day in the Solarium reading.  I am reading a free Kindle book - “Natural Causes – An Inspector McLean Mystery” by James Oswald.  It is written very well and the story takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland so many of the locations are familiar since we were just there.

Dinners in the Grand Cuvee restaurant continue to be good and the service (Inocente and Rayson are terrific).  After dinner, we read and listened to Sipra – the Party Band.  The lead singer has a terrific voice.

Sipra - Party Band (Small)

Sipra performing in the Grand Foyer

The Headliner tonight is Jon Courtenay – a Brit, who plays piano and is hilariously funny.  Except for the piano part, he is almost channeling Ricky Gervais.  In any event, it was good to get some laughs during Showtime.  He will be on again later in the cruise.  He is on with his wife and little son – with a bald head and goatee, he is easy to spot.

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