Monday, July 8, 2024

June 22, 2024 – At Sea – Cloudy – Cool – 70s

The seas are rocky and the gloom persists.

The ship is also smoking doing 21 kts to get to San Diego on time.

Another nice breakfast – the usual.  I suppose that I could have this breakfast along with the alternate - two eggs OM with pancakes - each day on the World Cruise.  In theory, at least.

After breakfast, I did a load of laundry (the free guest launderette) is just a few doors down from our stateroom.  The washers and dryers are easy to use and the cycle takes about 90 minutes total.  I had time before my talk this morning.  I did find a washer and a couple of dryers free when I got there.  I am very good about being there when the cycle is complete - passengers will take your laundry out of the washer and put it into a laundry basket until you claim it.  Not me.  The same goes for the dryers - I'm there when the cycle is done.

My second talk “Forensics and History: The Mystery of the Romanovs” is on the schedule today at 10:30 AM in the Galaxy Lounge.  It’s a Crystal tradition that attendees always show us as the event is started, whether for a lecture or a production show.  This was the case today as the real attendance didn’t happen until I got started.  Because of the rock and roll of the ship, I didn’t get a chance to really chat with the audience members because it was a struggle to climb the three stairs (very narrow with no rail) to the stage (sounds easy but on a moving ship every step is an adventure).  I also had to hang on to the podium and that led to a problem that I’d never encountered – my computer screen was distracting and it also looked like I was reading my material.  Other speakers are used to that configuration but I like to wander about the stage – today, I couldn’t and it was reflected in my performance.  The talk took about 50 minutes and I got some nice comments from some of the attendees.

Had a nice lunch up in Tastes and the Marketplace Buffet – Gazpacho (of course), an Impossible Burger, and a nice salad (great Ranch and Balsamic Dressing).  Ellen has had a hard time finding items.  She’s tried several iterations of tuna but none of them did the trick. 

At 2 PM, we went to the Theater to hear Roger’s “Songs of the Sea”.  This was a new talk and very different – Roger had his guitar but didn’t sing anything – the show consisted of video clips from various movies backed up by Sea Shanties (songs about sailing and sailors).  The videos were well done but the show didn’t take advantage of Roger’s singing and story telling.

Still not an open deck day.  Palm Court is still our best bet on days like this.  The only distraction during the afternoon is Tea Time and that’s not really a distraction.  To me Tea Time seemed under attended.  They bring out about five or more goodies at a time in a special stacked tray.  The best item I have had is the lemon meringue tart – no surprise there.

Our kosher meals tonight were lamb chops and hot dogs – the polar opposites on the class scale.  They were both good – the kitchen had trimmed a lot of the fat from the chops – so more meat.  The hot dogs have been a little different each time (different sources, maybe).

James Fox is back with “James Fox Unplugged” – 

no band just songs and a piano and guitar.  Honestly, I liked his first show better – the dancers did add some pizzazz to the show.  He is a good singer and he shared a few of his own songs (they were OK). 

The ocean is becoming kinder.

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