Thursday, July 4, 2024

June 15, 2024 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Raining and Windy – 70s

It is an ugly day in the Pacific Ocean.  

I had a nice standard breakfast up in the Buffet and when Ellen was ready, we went to the Waterside Dining Room for her breakfast.  The service was pretty quick and the breakfast was good (French Toast and Eggs).

There are a lot of lectures today but I am passing on all of them (not all that interested in the political ones). I'm on a cruise to leave some or all of that back home.

All I had for lunch was Gazpacho and chips up in the Trident Grill because we are having Ribeye Steaks for dinner tonight.

I went to the Odyssey Art class with Lydia and Amy at 3 PM in the aft section of the buffet.  It was collage day but a few of us stayed with watercolors.  Mine was pretty atypical as seen below.  

You have to draw what you know.

While we waited to go dinner, we were in Crystal Cove taking in a little violin music.

Before the steaks, we tried the appetizers – I had “Tomato Terrine”, which was a mini salad composed of peppers and the “Avocado Soup”, which also had tomatoes over which Craig poured the Avocado Soup.  It was unusual and maybe a bit bitter.  The steaks were a bit rare and these two cuts were loaded with fat.  The meat itself was very good.  We passed on dessert for now.

Tonight’s Showtime was “Icons in Concert”.  I looked this show up from a previous cruise and noted that we did not stay long due to the amped nature of the music.  This show started off with the same guitar solo and first number.  We quietly left and went to the Bistro for dessert and some coffee and tea.  The little desserts were good.

Next stop was Crystal Cove where we waited for the evening entertainment to start. We passed on the Dance Duo tonight and sent to the Alley Saloon to listen to Neal.  When we got there, he was still doing the “Sound of Music” Sing-a-along he started at 5:45 PM.  He then went into his usual songs (a lot of the songs were on yesterday’s playlist).  We stayed until he took his break and then we headed for the room for quiet.

The ship is rocking and rolling a bit.

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