Thursday, July 4, 2024

June 16. 2024 – Quepos, Costa Rica – Cloudy, Muggy, 85F

Distance from Panama Canal to Quepos, Costa Rica 447 Nautical Miles

It’s a cloudy drippy day at this tender port.  We are not on tour today but we are planning to tender ashore later.

I had a nice breakfast of pancakes and fried eggs this morning (Frosted Mini-Wheats were the appetizer). 

Ellen went up later and had French Toast and scrambled eggs – we tried to eat on the back deck but it was too hot and muggy. I did get a picture before we went back inside.

There are no tender tickets needed so we went to the tender pontoon.  The seas were very rocky and getting on the tenders was no easy thing (it seemed like more than a foot between pontoon and tender boat entrance).  The ride into Quepos was bumpy.  

Unfortunately, being Sunday, the town was essentially closed. Some stores opened up because of the ship being there.  Items in the stores were pricey.  The landscaping on the little commercial stretch was nice and there were a lot of iguanas around.  

We walked a bit, took some pictures of Serenity in the distance, the tender port area, the iguanas

and took the tender back to Serenity.  I did get a shot of Quepos from the ship.

Ellen had the late breakfast at Trident Grill – blintzes.

We are now in Palm Court in the wonderful A/C and I am caught up.

NOTE – I got a phone message from Holly England (dancer and Assistant CD) that my talk for tomorrow has now been moved to June 18th – I am not confident that it will actually happen then.  I went to speak to Holly (her office is in the hallway behind Guest Services) but I got Rafael instead.  He did confirm that my next talk was scheduled for 6/18.  He also said he might be able to squeeze in my third talk on the day we sail into San Diego.  I thanked him and told him I would check Reflections as confirmation. 

Ritch Shydner was back for his second show tonight.  He’s trying but he’s still not hitting the ball on the face of the club. 

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