Friday, July 5, 2024

June 18, 2024 – Pacific Ocean – Rain, Clouds – 80s

The Pacific, she still be angry (my best pirate impression).

The motion of the ocean continues and it is still difficult to get around. 

After breakfast, I made some last minute changes to the talk today.  

I haven’t gone to too many of the lectures on board (again because I want to get away from politics and World Affairs while I am on the ship).  But I did go to hear Bill Toone talk about “Monarch Butterflies”.  I general don’t like butterflies (they make me itch) but his talk about where Monarchs migrate to was interesting.  We chatted a while later in the Bistro while he was signing his book.  Seems like a nice fellow.

After a light and early lunch, I got all dressed up and went to the Galaxy Lounge for my second talk – “The Mystery of the Romanovs” at 1:30 PM.  I got there about 20 minutes early and there was no one there but the AV guy.  We set up my computer very quickly – the picture again was great as was the sound.  A few people dribbled in but at the start, there was, based on my expectations, a good turnout (maybe 50 – 80 passengers). 

The ship was moving a lot and it was difficult to just climb up the three stairs to the stage.  I like to chat with the audience before the talk but that meant going up and down those three little stairs.  Also, I was forced to hang on to the podium during the talk, which while giving me time cues, also make it look like I was reading the slides.  It just made connecting with the audience much more difficult.  Anyway, the changes I made worked and the talk ran 46 minute along including a brief but nice intro by Rafael.  I was happy with the turnout and the talk. 

This might a good time to mention the state of the art hand sanitizers on this ship.  

Instead of depositing a glob of goopy stuff on your hands, these units spray a fine mist of what is most likely isopropyl alcohol.  It isn't oily and it rubs into your skin quickly.  Up in the Marketplace, there are also hand washing units for those who really want to do the pathogen protection right.

We had pre-dinner drinks in the Crystal Cove accompanied by Martina, the violinist.  I have set a new record for most minutes listening to a violin on a ship.

Big treat at dinner – Kosher Meals for the two of us.  A duck for Ellen and two hot dogs for me.  They were delicious via totally different criteria.  The hot dogs are definitely not Hebrew National but probably come from sources in either New York of Florida.  Once again, I had the mustard, relish, and chopped onion tray (in fact two of those trays arrived).  Both our meals were cooked perfectly and were delicious. We passed on dessert (even the non-dairy one and had our coffee and tea in the Crystal Cove).  Crystal Cove is a quiet alternative to the restaurant and they can get the same drinks - hot or cold - there, as well.

We passed on the show – Josh Henderson in “Rock Legends”.  He did the tribute to Queen a few days ago and based on the volume of his rehearsal (which we can hear - or, rather, feel - from our room), we determined that the show would be beyond of loudness limit.   

Instead we listened to Marv Robinson, a great vocalist/crooner, who sings evenings in Crystal Cove (with a track or with Leandro).  All the classics – he’s very pleasant to listen to and spend a post dinner evening. He is also decked on in some kind of gold trimmed outfit.  Very snappy.

We got an email from Marina in Shorex indicating that the both of us would be able to escort tomorrow in Acapulco.  And it wouldn’t be an early tour – 11:30 AM Assembly time.  Two thumbs us sent back to Marina.  We picked up our backpacks before heading back to the room for the night.

The rock and rolling continues.

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