Monday, July 8, 2024

June 21, 2024 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Overcast, drizzly, and cool – 76F

Distance from Acapulco to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 685 Nautical Miles

Happy Summer Solstice and Happy First Day of Summer

A very unusual day in Cabo San Lucas.  It is usually hot and muggy here but today, it is cool (windbreaker cool) and drizzly.  Even though it is a bit dreary out there, I still got some nice pictures of Los Arcos from the ship.

Because of seating restrictions, I found a perfect breakfast table against the wall, with a soothing piece of art, which allowed me to use the wall to prop up my aching left leg.  I sat at this table from Day 3 on.  The servers got to know me and it worked out perfectly.

After breakfast, we hopped on a tender (no tender tickets on Serenity) and headed to the town and our traditional trek to the Beauty Salon and Spa (located at the far end of the rectangular port area.  We didn’t have our usual therapist (AKA Jenny and Erika) but the two women we did see were very good – the clock in the room wasn’t working but I am sure that the session only went 50 minutes.  It’s hard to complain when the session was good and only costs $40 (we tipped them each $10).

I took a picture of the courtyard of the tequila store next door sporting a small Cabo Sign

and then the real Cabo Sign.

Because it was atypically cool outside, we walked through the streets adjacent to Cabo Harbor.  We were the only ship here today so not a lot of pedestrians out and about.  We passed by a shop that sold sculptures made from various shop items like nuts and bolts.

Another interesting site was what looked like a pirate ship perched on the second story of a building.

Other sites along the way included the Cabo Sailfish (Marlin maybe),

a venue called The Place at Cabo which had a beautifully decorated canopy,

and a park in the middle of the city that we had never seen before.

Out of curiosity, we checked out the prices at four other spas and everyone was charging $40 an hour (in the past, Beauty Spa was about $10 less than the other shops in the area so now they have caught up and prices are sort of set).  Next time, we might try a different spa.

We walked back to the ship – a decent walk - I was able to get a nice picture of Serenity anchored in the bay.

 We took the tender back (not much of a wait - the rain was keeping the guests on board)

and met up at the Tastes Kitchen for lunch.  After my obligatory gazpacho (so good today), Ellen and I split a pizza (my half had extra sauce and was literally blanketed with onions).  The pizza was good along with a Corona Beer, the only Mexican beer on board. 

After lunch, we were out on the pool deck taking in the moderate temps and nice breeze.  As it got warmer on the deck, we went to the Crystal Cove for Tea Time but there was no tea served today.  I had been looking at the statue of the Golden Cellist the whole cruise and finally took a picture of her.

Again, although dreary, I did get a nice panoramic shot of Cabo Bay.

After a comprehensive cleanup (the Beauty Spa does not use water soaked towels to remove the massage oil), we went to the Hollywood Theater for our second Shabbat Service.  The attendance had dropped off a bit but the service was still interesting. Rabbi Morton delivered a sermon about daily blessings and showed a film clip of 1992 Olympian Derick Redmon who was favored to win the 400m but tore a hamstring with 150m to go.  He limped to the finish line with the help of his father.  The theme was perseverance. 

After Kiddush and Challah, we joined about 10 other “sea shul” members for Dinner in Waterside.  It was a pleasant dinner – I had the Fusilli in Sundried Tomato Sauce along with the Celeriac Soup and Red and Green Cesar Salad – the meal was good (Ellen had the Grouper and didn’t like it that much) and the conversations interesting.  One of the folks was from Laguna Beach but had connections with the Fairfax Area so we had commonality to draw upon.  The dinner went fast and we excused ourselves to get to the show.

While we were at dinner, the Captain came on the PA system (always causes a little spike in BP) and said that a crew member had a medical emergency and we would have to turn around and head back to Cabo, where medical personnel would meet the ship.  We hadn't really sailed that far so there was no real issue regarding getting to San Diego on time.  

Tonight’s Headliner is local Singer/Dancer Lauren Heavner doing her one-woman show “The Hits and One Miss”.  Seven years ago, Lauren was a singer dancer in the troupe and backup to the main Singer.  She also did Pop Rock a mania seven years ago.  Today, she’s the star.  Lauren is from Missouri and has a mild adorable accent.  She is clearly a Country Singer. 

Her show was great – small on talk and big on songs.  She did some Dolly Parton and George Jones ("He Stopped Loving You Today" - her favorite country song). 

She also showed some video clips of her first time on stage and one of her singing with a group when she was 19.  She did the “Auctioneer Song” on the clip and then she did in as her next number – a cute song.  

She finished off her show with “The Impossible Dream”, 

not a country song for sure, but she had her own take on it and did a great job. The audience seemed to like the show and we sure did. 

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