Wednesday, December 25, 2019

March 11, 2019 - Ft. Lauderdale FL - Mostly Sunny - 80s

Embarkation Day

We slept pretty well - I guess being tired will do that to you.  Our neighbors were quiet and that really helped. 

I went down very early (near dawn) for breakfast -  I made myself a waffle and had some of the powdered eggs.  This was actually the second waffle I made; the first one looked so good someone took it before I could retrieve it (there's a first).  I went down later with Ellen for a back up breakfast.  It was a lot more crowded but we did find a seat and were able to eat our meal.

We are on the 11:00 AM shuttle this morning.  Ellen realized she needed some needlepointing thread so she walked to Michael's Crafts to get some while I waiting in the lobby with out suitcases.  Our shuttle was called early so I called Ellen and told her to head back.  She got back in time and we were on our way to Port Everglades.

We were the only people on the shuttle getting on the Celebrity Reflection.  I wonder where the Celebrity folks stay.

We told the people managing the check in process who we were and check in became simpler.  We got our Sea Pass Cards and found our room - behind the door on deck 3 (our usual digs).  We dropped our bags and went up to the Oceanview Café for lunch.  A lunch of salad and tuna salad and assorted tastings did the trick for lunch.

We were give the expected news that there would be no escorts on this cruise. and retired to the Sky Lounge - Deck 14 Forward.   

We took a break to attend the lifeboat drill and see how "Agent Blair" was getting on and then went back up to the Sky Lounge to watch the sail away.

We are set up for Celebrity Select Dining so we can go anytime in the first couple of hours.  Our bags arrived so we changed and went to the Opus Dining Room as soon as it opened.  We managed to get a table for two and had a pretty nice meal of Cesar Salad and Salmon. The service was great tonight.

We went to the "Welcome Aboard" show tonight - it was a new one called "Maxx", which clearly catered to a younger crowd.  It was about a boy caught in a video game and trying to save a girl and get away from the video bad guys.  Not exactly West End or Broadway.  The show was introduced by Cruise Director, Eddy Jenkins (we have sailed with Eddy before and had a pretty nice time).

The show was OK but I couldn't get over the fact that the star of the show was a little out of shape and had trouble fitting into his costume properly.  The songs and dances were good and made up for the strange story.  It had a lot of interesting visual effects and the volume was just right. And no show would be complete without acrobats and contortionists.  

After the show, we went to the Ensemble Lounge on Deck 5 for some quiet music - it has comfortable couches and the music volume is soft and mellow.

Then back to the room to get ready for a sea day and work.

Seas are smooth.

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