Tuesday, December 24, 2019

February 17, 2019 - Puerto Montt, Chile - Most Sunny then Cloudy - 60s

Puerto Montt, in the Lake Region of Chile, is our final port of call on this cruise and it is a tender port.  There are good views of the town from the ship at its final anchor location.

There are also good views of the two stratovolcanoes in the area.  V. Osorno, covered in snow, is almost a perfect cone and is 2,652 meters above sea level.  We saw Osorno up close some years ago on an excursion and is it something up close (we also saw some lava flows).  The other volcano, V. Calbuco, is very active and has had several recent eruptions.  This volcano, which is 2,015 meters above sea level has lost some of its symmetry due to a collapse of some of the mountain millions of years ago.

We do not have an excursion today but we are planning to tender in to the town and just walk around and see the shops and gift stores.

The tender ride was short but the town was somewhat disappointing - we've been here before but always on tour.  

We walked from the pier to the "center" of town.  There were some artisan shops along the way and we stopped in to browse.  The main road is parallel to the harbor and bay and I was able to get a nice shot of Symphony at anchor. and the tender boat ferrying folks back and forth.  As you can see, the bright blue skies have now turned to gun metal gray - but no rain.

Not finding anything of interest in the town, we walked back to the tender pier. We stopped at a small park because I just had to try out the swings.   

We were back on board in time for lunch and later on we were up in Palm Court for afternoon tea.

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