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Tuesday, November 15, 2016 – Charlestown, Nevis – Partly Cloudy – 82F

Distance from St. John to Charlestown, Nevis: 142 Nautical Miles

On our previous trips to this part of the Caribbean, we have always stopped at St. Kitts and Nevis was the island we saw in the distance.  Today, we are stopping at Nevis for the first time.  Nevis’ claim to fame is the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton and the marriage venue of Admiral Horatio Nelson.

This is another tender port

20161115_tenderingfromNevisSmall_thu 20161115_tenderingfromNevis1Small_th

Tendering to Charlestown, Nevis

and we are both on the same tour today - “Nevis Full Island and Historical Tour”.  Our transport was a small van (eight passengers) and I got to ride shotgun again.

Our first stop was at the “Nevis Historical Museum”, where we were greeted by a local girl who read some information about the island and its history (especially Alexander Hamilton).  Her island brogue was so thick, I was unable to make out much of what she was saying.  The passengers went into the museum – I did a quick pass through and stayed outside.


The companion island of St Kitts could be seen across the way.


I was also able to get a picture of the Quest anchored.


Our drive took us through Charlestown and then out into the countryside.



Our first stop was the historic Golden Rock Inn Hotel.  This hotel – very colorful (and with hidden but nice facilities) – sits on 100 acres at the foot of Nevis Peak.  The buildings date back to the 1800s.  It was an undefined but relaxing rest stop (just kind of sat around for a while).

20161115_GoldenRockHotelSmall_thumb 20161115_GoldenRock1Small_thumb

Golden Rock Inn Hotel

Our final stop was at the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club (rated #1 resort on Nevis by themselves on their website).  This beachfront resort, where we stopped off for complementary drinks (I think I had a beer), is made up of cute cottages surrounding an open green area.  We walked from the main house down to the beach where the bar was.  I met up with Ellen and we spent a relaxing few moments just hanging out.

20161115_NisbetPlantationSmall_thumb 20161115_NisbetPlantationbeachSmall_

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club Beach

From there, it was back to Charlestown.  The roads were good and the ride smooth.  We stopped briefly (and I couldn’t get any pictures) at the Cottle Slave Church.  The church was built in 1824 and it was the first Church (it was an Anglican Church) that welcomed everyone including slaves.


Heading Back

A short return tender ride and we were back on board the Quest.  From the open deck, we could get a great view of Nevis.  A tropical rain storm created a rainbow, finishing off an interesting and relaxing day.



Nevis from Quest and A Rainbow Over Nevis

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