Thursday, January 5, 2017

Saturday and Sunday, November 19, 20, 2016 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean – Warm, Partly Cloudy – 70s


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Heading back to Miami – Beautiful days at sea.  Still warm as we make our way Northwest.  It’s cloudy but the seas are calm.



Another fine breakfast on the back deck.  Not a lot of time to take it easy as my third lecture - “Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” – is scheduled for the Cabaret Lounge at 10:00 AM.  the lecture went very well with about 200 plus attendees. This presentation, one of the longest, was completed in just 50 min.



“Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”

Having a morning lecture gave us a whole free day.  Still enjoying the cooked to order items in the pool area – I have been alternating between the veggie burger (excellent) and the grilled tuna wrap (wonderful if it’s made well done).  The onion rings are very good and the salad bar has been OK even though some of the salad dressings are still mysterious. 

The afternoon was spent relaxing and reading on the open deck.

Tonight’s Show is the final Production Show “Who Wrote the Songs”.  It is a tribute to all of the iconic songwriters – Harold Arlen, Barry Manilow, Burt Bacharach, Elton John, etc.  It’s a show we’ve seen before but it was different when sung by a different cast.

20161119_HaroldArlenSmall_thumb 20161119_WhoWrotetheSongsSmall_thumb 20161119_BarryManilowSmall_thumb 20161119_BarryM1Small_thumb 20161119_BurtBacharachSmall_thumb 20161119_EltonJohnSmall_thumb

“Who Wrote the Songs”

Again, it was a wonderful show – not too loud with pleasant songs.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Seas are calm and breezes are warm.

20161120_at sea 1_resized20161120_at sea_resized

Still Nice

The final day of the cruise was certainly an usual one – there are two lectures today – one in the morning and one in the evening (during what is usually the first show).

I have to eat breakfast pretty quickly because Lecture 4 – “Life and Death of Pharaohs” – is scheduled for 9:30 AM. I thought the early hour would keep the attendance down but that wasn’t the case as 200 plus passengers showed up.

Ellen has pretty much completed the packing and even more importantly, we have Azamara transfers to Miami Airport tomorrow.


Needlepointing on Deck 5

Another lazy day at sea and another nice dinner.

My final lecture is another evening lecture. Lecture 5 - “Whitechapel Murders - Search for Jack the Ripper” – is in the Cabaret Lounge at 8:15 PM.  It is always difficult (even for entertainers) to draw good crowds on the last night of a cruise (packing time) but my attendance turned out to be consistent at about 200 people.

I was finished in plenty of time so the room could be set up for Bruce Smirnoff at 9:30 PM.  Bruce is, once again, very funny.  He doesn’t even have to say anything to be funny.

We are packed and ready to go home tomorrow.

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