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Saturday, November 12, 2016 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Sunny – 70s

A beautiful day at sea…

Our Itinerary


Matt told me that I would not be working on the first sea day so that gave me a whole day to relax, read, and get ready for tomorrow’s first talk.

Like both Azamara Ships, Windows Café opens late for breakfast on sea days (7:30 AM).  I checked out the not-so-crowded buffet and found my staples – waffles, pancakes, cottage cheese, mini-jam bottles, scrambled eggs, and oatmeal and brown sugar.  Missing was sour cream (I tried something that looked like sour cream but it was Greek Yoghurt).  The breakfast was good and eating out on the back deck (waffle, cottage cheese, jam, a tablespoon of eggs, and coffee today) was great (warm and no real breeze).


View from Back Deck

Another ship was using the same course as we were – perhaps an NCL liner from Miami.

20161112_CompanionShip1Small_thumb 20161112_CompanionShipSmall_thumb

Traveling Companion

After breakfast, I went to the Mosaic Café for my inaugural “IDMLS” (“Iced Decaf Mocha Latte Skinny”).  In the past, I wasn’t all that pleased with the drink (having compared the same drink over several lines and ships) but this drink was different.  It came in a tall glass and instead of powdered chocolate, they used chocolate syrup.  It was really good.  I looked over my talk for tomorrow and also logged the first few days of this trip.

I next went to hear Cassie from WWF talk about Coral Reefs.  She is part of the new arrangement between RCL and WWF – a multi year $5 Million dollar project.  She had some nice graphics and photos.

Lunch was in the Windows Café -  tuna, salad, pretzels.  We ate on the back deck – the only way to go in the Caribbean.

After lunch, it was out to the shady side of Deck 5 for some reading and some unscheduled naps.  I finished “Death in the Venice” and started “The Third Gate” by Lincoln Childs.  The hook on this book involved the first Pharaoh of united ancient Egypt, a curse, and near death experiences.  What else do you need?

The entire afternoon was spent on the open deck.  Wonderful.

Each night, the Windows Café has a different theme for the buffet.  Tonight it was Chinese so I was hoping for some nice stir fry.  I was the first person to order stir fry so the pan was clean.  The dish was good.

We opted out of Showtime since it featured Garin Bader – Magician Pianist.  We had seen him several times on these ships.  Instead, we found quiet places to read and relax.

Seas are smooth and our room is comfortable.

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