Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Off the Coast of Chile – Mostly Sunny – mid 70s

A beautiful – and finally relaxing – day at sea.

Sleep is overrated.

Up about 8 AM for breakfast in the Ocean View.  Just in time to witness a glorious sunrise.

Sea Day 3-15 Sunrise (Small)

Still searching for cottage cheese (today the cottage cheese turned out to be yogurt).

Attended a watercolor class at 11:45 AM.  The ship supplied each attendee a cute little watercolor set – paint, paper, brushes.

The engine noise is such an issue that Ellen asked the room attend to turn the bed 90 degrees.  This eliminates the bed contacting the outer wall of the room hopefully reducing the vibration component of the engines.  We’ll see…the new room layout

Reconfigured Room (Small) 

We are now in the Solarium, which is full of passengers and not so peaceful, and we plan to stay here all day.

As it turned out, the place was too noisy so we migrated to Deck 4 for some P and Q.  It was a beautiful day on the open decks and I made some progress on my book.

After dinner on the back deck (warm and nice), we listed to the Aaron Cohen Trio (Instrumental Jazz) in the Martini Bar and them mostly to the Baires Quartet in the Rendezvous Lounge (easy listening for the most part).

Celebrity Showtime: Travis Turpin.  He’s an ex-Broadway performer and put on a great show including some very good impressions.  We hopes he has an encore performance.

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