Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean (off the coast of Peru) – Partly Cloudy – 70s

Another nice day at sea…

 At Sea 3-19 (Small) At Sea 3-19 1 (Small)

The morning is spent turning up my talk: “DNA Forensic Testing: Landmark Cases” scheduled for 11:15 AM in the Celebrity Theater.

This talk, also well attended (over 200 people) is the first introduced by Allan King, the Cruise Director, just back on the ship from a conference in Miami.  So far, the talks have legs.

Later on in the day, we attend a seminar on the history of the Faberge Egg.  The talk was followed by an unveiling of a number of eggs by the captain.  The one that caught my eye contained a menorah inside the egg (below).

Captain unvels Menorah Faberge Eff (Small)

Showtime tonight was “Boogie Wonderland”, the second production show for the Celebrity Singers and Dancers.  It was all about songs from the 70s (the only songs I liked from the 70s were from ABBA).  The singers and dancers did a good job but I don’t remember people looking like that in the 70s.

After the show, we attended Havdalah and the reading of the Megillah in the Gamma Room.  The whole thing was put together by a group from Florida, who are touring Jewish sites on this cruise.  Unfortunately, everything started too late so we did not hear the end of the Megillah.  We did, however, have some very tasty Hamentaschen provided by the ship’s bakery.

Hamentaschen Infinity Style (Small)

Early tour tomorrow…got to get some sleep.

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