Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Off the Coast of Peru – Mostly Sunny – 80s

Top of the morning to ye…

Another beautiful day at sea…

Slept – sort of – until 7:15 AM (not bad considering the time change).

At Sea 3-17 1 (Small)

Breakfast in the Ocean View Lounge today involved a scientific discussion involving an unknown breakfast item – is it yogurt or cottage cheese?  I tasted it and since it was tart and had no curds, I concluded it was yogurt – the breakfast staff insisted it was cottage cheese even after tasting it.  As in all scientific discussions, further studies are going to be conducted. 

To get cottage cheese on my pancake, I had to extract cottage cheese from a blintz.

We are spending most of our time this morning in the Solarium – not as crowded in the morning.  I am tuning up my talk for this afternoon.

The Peruvian coast is off the starboard side of the ship (below).

At Sea 3-17 (Small)

Today the ship is having its Brunch at Sea.  The brunch was good – omelets, herring, Cesar Salads made to order, etc – and not too crowded. 

Back out to the Solarium after brunch for a little more reading time. 

E Relaxing in the Solarium (Small)

Kindling at the Solarium

The seas are still smooth and Peru is still very visible off the starboard side.

Peru in the PM (Small)

After assessing attendance numbers for the first sea day, Alejandro has changed my second talk - “The Science of CSI” -  from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM in the Celebrity Theater. 

I attended the lecture on Sea Birds just before my talk and there was a mass exodus when he finished.  However, when the talk got underway, there were about 170 attendees.  Surprisingly, when asked the audience indicated that more than half of them did not attend the first talk.  Hopefully, everyone will return for the next one.  Had to hurry a bit since Bingo was on after me in the theater.

Finally, we got some time in the spa in the Solarium – very relaxing but a bit too much on the chlorine side.  I even got a demo back massage from one of the Health Spa girls – very nice also.

Dinner was sir fry in the Ocean View Cafe – the dishes today were very good (need to always ask for more sauce).  At this point, we decided that we would eat all of our dinners at the Ocean View Cafe – quiet, good views, and at your own speed.

We ate on the back deck and were treated to a super sunset but no green flash…

Simset 3-17 (Small) 

We are in Michael’s Club now for an Irish sing-a-long with Tina, the bandleader and Maria, one of the Celebrity Singers.  I believe the guy Maria is singing with is her husband; also, Maria has the most interesting Irish brogue ever (she doesn’t sing with any accent).

Irish Singalong (Small)

The sing-a-long was an unexpected fun experience – even though few attendees knew the melodies (song sheets were handed out).

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