Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea – Sunny and Windy

A nice but windy day at sea…

Sea Day 3-25 1 (Small) Sea Day 3-25 (Small)

Up early to catch the sunrise – moved the clocks forward last night so the Cafe is pretty deserted.

I planned to take in Rod Jory’s talk on the Big Bang Theory at 10:00 AM.  I got there very early so I checked out the cruise video playing constantly in the photo area.  For the first time ever, I got on the video.  They were shooting in the viewing area in the Gatun Locks when the Infinity came through and I was there escorting my tour.  My 1 second of fame is shown below (blue shirt and blue cap).

Voyage DVD appearance (Small)

I follow Rod today - “DNA Testing: Solving History’s Mysteries” is at 11:15 AM in the Theater.  I modified the talk and removed some of the DNA refresher slides and replaced them with the Copernicus story.  That worked out well.  Allan introduced me and I had about 270 plus attendees (easier to estimate now that we know the theater holds about 650 people).  Feedback was positive – e.g. people had no trouble understanding the King Tut STR connections.

We finally had lunch with Ingrid and Patrick today although we did wind up missing each other at the Spa Cafe and finally connected on the back deck of the ship.  We chatted until about 3 PM about our cruise experiences and had a very pleasant time.

We attended the Shabbat Service in the Gamma meeting room.  It was a good crowd consisting of the group from Florida, a group from France, and some folks from Argentina.  The service was “run” by both the French and Argentines and used tunes new to us.  It was confusing but it was Shabbat.  The little bit of wine allotted to each of us was pretty good.

Showtime Tonight:  Production Show: “Celebrate the World”.  Prior to the show, there was a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” Game running on the big screen (below).

  Celebrate the world set (Small)

The Production Cast, flyers, and Kate and Maria did a number of songs from around the world.  I did get a picture of the Ireland Segment complete with Irish Step Dance.

Irish Step Dance (Small)

After a Tango number, Kate did a great job as Evita Peron in “Don’t Cry for me Argentina”.

Kate DCFMA (Small)

The Finale had a Vegas feel to it (below).  Lots of energy and great dancing.

IMG_7495 (Small)

Our favorite group – the Baires Quartet – is off tonight and the lounges are very quiet.

Another sea day tomorrow…

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