Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday, February 15, 2011 – Miami, FL – Sunny – 60s

The Azamara Journey is back in sunny Miami. 

Home in Miami (Small)

We have an early flight today (11:30 AM) so we are in the first group scheduled to leave the ship.  After an early breakfast, we are in Casino waiting for our the ship to be released for disembarkation.

Soon we are on our way – the disembarkation is efficient and fast – to pick up our luggage and meet Ann and Paul to share a cab to the airport.  It all goes very smoothly and we are at MIA in plenty of time.  Even better, our plane is there when we need it.  We have never flown on an Embraer rj170 before – it looks like a shrunken 737 or small Airbus (has 2 by 2 seating). 

 Embraer rj170 Jet (Small)

Embraer rj170 Jet ready to go to ORD

The flight is relatively smooth and in a couple of hours we are over snow covered Chicago.  The approach affords great views of the frozen lake and skyline.

Climbout Miami 1 (Small)

Climbout from Miami

Approaching ORD (Small)

Initial approach to Chicago

Chicago Approach 1 (Small)

Chicago skyline below

Final Approach Chicago ORD (Small)

Final Approach…

Touchdown and we’re home.  The best thing is that Dova and the kids picked us up so we didn’t have to wait in the cold for a cab.


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