Friday, March 4, 2011

Saturday, Sunday, Monday – February 12-14 – At Sea – Coast of Haiti and Cuba – Partly Cloudy – 70s

We are now on our way back to Miami.  Our course will take us between Haiti and Cuba and then along the Cuban coast into Miami.  The weather is pretty good – a little chop here and there – and temperatures in the 70s.  Who can complain.

February 12, 2011

Choppy seas.  The ship is listing a few degrees to the starboard side due to some winds across the decks (below).  This make for plenty of seats in the Windows Cafe for breakfast.  I have made a change in my standard breakfast – waffles replaced by pancakes made to order (still with cottage cheese and fruit).  Much better choice.

 Sea Day 2-12 ship listing (Small)

In the morning, we went to hear Tony give a presentation on how a Seabourn Spirit Cruise ship dealt with a pirate attack in 2005.  Lots of interesting pictures and information on how ships then dealt with pirates (head strait out to sea and use acoustic cannons as weapons). Nowadays, they avoid dangerous itineraries and courses.

Today’s talk: “DNA Testing:  Secrets of the Royal Families” is scheduled for 3:00 PM in the Cabaret.  The talk went very well and the crowd was near max – over 250 people with very few seats available (photo below). The only issue with the talk is that the two side screens are not large enough to effectively display some of the numbers in the presentation.  All in all, the audience did get the important points of the talks.

Full House at Lecture (Small)

February 13, 2011

A little less chop and a beautiful day to have breakfast on the back deck. 

2-13 Breakfast  on back deck (Small)

The ship is off the west coast of Haiti at the moment (below).

Haiti - 12 - 13 (Small)

I am speaking today at 11:15 AM so I spend the morning tuning up for the presentation.  This talk:  “DNA Testing: Solving History’s Mysteries” also draws a full house.  The color coding of King Tut’s genealogy information does not project in color so I have to explain what the audience should be seeing.  Again, it worked out.

This presentation contains 9/11 material so after the talk I did a small survey of passengers on whether this should have been included.  They also said “yes” so it stays for future presentations.

The benefits of giving the morning talk is having the rest of the day off.  The best way to spend that time is on deck 5 (below)

Casual on deck (Small)

February 14, 2011

Cloudy day with some chop.  I spot an old friend, the NCL Pearl, off in the distance.  The good old days.

NCL Pearl (Small)

Today is my last talk - “Forensic Science: Novel DNA Testing”.  Another packed house and another appreciative audience.  The presentations have all worked out well – no glitches (except for the lack of the central screen) and great support from Chris, the Activities Manager. 

Got to pack – there is no express walk off on this ship.  We will be in Miami tomorrow.

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