Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010 – Key West, FL – Sunny – 74F

Beautiful Day in Key West, FL after a chilly start.  The ship is docked right near the town.  We are on a tour today, “Discover Key West”, which involves touring the city in a trolley.  The guide was very funny and informative.  Transportation in Key West is unique – besides cars, there are Trolleys, Mini-Trains, and bicycle cabs.  Other folks rent bicycles to see the town.

   Mommie in Key West (Small)

Ellen on the dock in Key West

Touring Key West (Small) Touring Key West 1 (Small)

On our trolley for “Discover Key West”

The Trolley Tour takes us to the four corners of this tiny island and eventually drops off passengers at the Aquarium and Shipwreck Museum.  Not much escorting to be done on this tour.

Only in Key West Bar (Small)


Hemiingway House (Small)

Hemingway House (moved to Key West in 1931)

Cuba Straight Ahead 98 mi (Small)

Southern tip of the Key – Cuba 98 miles ahead

Southernmost Hotel in KW (Small)

Southernmost Hotel in US

Southernmost Pt in US (Small)

Southernmost point in US

Southernmost Menorah in US (Small)

Southernmost Menorah in US

Beginning of US 1 (Small)

This is the end of US 1 (Mile 0), which goes from Key West up the East Coast of the US.

Marilyn at the Crime Scene (Small)

Marilyn in her iconic pose outside a local theater.

Third Oldest Tree in US (Small)

According to our guide, this Banyan Tree is the third oldest tree in the United States.

Audubon House (Small)

James Audubon House

Hard Rock Cafe - Original KW historical house (Small)

The Key West Hard Rock Hotel was at one time owned by one of KW pioneers.

Once the tour was over, I spent a few minutes in the Aquarium.  I was amazed by the bioluminescent jellyfish.

KW Aquarium Fluorscent Jellyfish (Small) 

Key West is a town made up of stores, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.  These are located on the main drag, Duval St. Also found on the streets near the Port at the Key West Museum of Art and History (at the Custom House) are a population of statues.  These statues are arranged in the most amusing poses and scenes.

One particularly amazing installation is “Time for Fun”, two statues approximately 20 ft tall in front of the Museum.

Statues in front of Theater (Small)

We posed with some of the other statues in the museum area.

Sitting with a local (Small) 

Jogging with a local 1 (Small)

Another unusual exhibit is a statue painting a series of statues.  On the porch of the museum is another statue taking a photo of our artist and his models.  Very clever.

Statue painting statues (Small)

It was an early departure from Key West (1:30 PM) and my first talk - “The CSI Phenomenon” is scheduled for 3:30 PM.  It was supposed to be in the Cinema but the venue was commandeered by a large group of self help folks.  I was now in the Hemisphere Lounge on the top deck.  All windows, a makeshift screen, uncomfortable seats.  The slides were impossible to see and the projector went out in the middle of my slides but the 20 people who showed up bravely put up with the suboptimal conditions. 

We are staying with “Flexible Dining” but will switch our seats tomorrow night.

Sunset 12-17 (Small) 

Beautiful Sunset – Gulf of Mexico

Muzemarine Strings (Small)

Before the first show of the cruise we took in the Muzemarine String Quartet (from the Ukraine) in the Cova Cafe.

Tonight’s Show: Touch of Broadway.  A production show featuring the Celebrity Singers and Dancers.  The entertainers are very good but the songs included were not the best (from Cabaret, the Producers).  Numbers from “Hairspray” and a tribute to Queen were more enjoyable.

The engineers are unable to figure out the noise in our room (“steam pipes” they say) but we determined it was air rushing under the door.  Two pillows placed at the base of the door eliminated the noise.

Should be able to get a better nights sleep.

Pedometer:  10,451 steps /4.953 mi/506.8 Cal / 2 hr 38 min.

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