Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 – Key West, FL – Sunny – 75F

Another beautiful day in Key West – this time around, there is no chilly start – Warm and Bright.  I am up early so I catch the moon set over Key West.

  Moon in Morning KW (Small)

Our plan today is to walk the town of Key West – many shops, bars, and restaurants.  We did see some real houses on the walk so people do live here.  We ended up at the south end of the island where everything is the “Southernmost”.  Chabad has a presence here and has placed a Menorah at the Southernmost spot – the Southernmost menorah in the US.

Southermost Hotel KW (Small) Southermost Menorah Chabad (Small) 

Chabad Chanukah Sign (Small)

As was the case last cruise, my talk is late afternoon after the early departure.  I take in the other talk: “Science Askew” by Bill Gurstelle (engineer – DYI engineering).  He is a writer (seven books on technology) and contributes to MAKE magazine.  His talk is about Rube Goldberg and others (people who see humor in technology). 

My talk: CSI Phenomenon – Cinema – is attended by about 30 people.  They are enthusiastic and the talk goes well.

Pedometer: 9465 / 4.49 mi / 459 cal/ 2 hr 34 min

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