Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010 – At Sea – Sunny - 75F

Another warm and sunny day at sea…and the first day we were able to spend time on Deck 6 – the open deck.  Making progress on “Book of the Dead” – I don’t want to drag this heavy book back with me.

At Sea 12-23 (Small)

On the deck 12-23 (Small)

The talks are on the same schedule as the first cruise.  Today’s talk: “DNA Testing: Cold Cases Solved” is in the Cinema 4:30 PM (right after Holiday Show).  To make sure people found the Cinema, I asked one of the folks in one of the cubicles near the venue to print me out some signs, which I taped to the doors of the Cinema.  That probably helped a bit.  Attendance: 35 – 40 pretty enthusiastic people.

While waiting for dinner, we managed to get our picture taken by a random person at the Cova Cafe. 

Cova Cafe 12-23 (Small)

This cruise has a new production number, “Dancing Around the World”, which is supposed to be mostly dancing.  It turned out to be about the same mix of singing and dancing as the other production numbers.  It was entertaining.

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