Friday, May 21, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA – 70s – Mostly Sunny

A better night without the smoke…

The plan today is to visit the cemetery where all of our parents are buried (for me it’s been over four years since I’ve been in LA).  We all went in Sid’s new SUV and spent a few minutes at the cemetery. 

Back to Nalsey’s place for a nice Sunday Brunch.  Lainna and Mirin were there – we had seen Lainna about three years ago when we were in New York for a cruise but it has been a pretty long time since we had seen Mirin.  The brunch was very good and it was good to chat with the girls a bit – another highlight was Mirin’s basketball highlights DVD (the one you send to prospective college coaches).  It was set to either rap or hip hop music and pretty entertaining.

It was a very nice day and we had our car (a Jetta by the way), so we drove out to Beverly Hills to see both Rodeo Drive and environs as well as an Art Fair along Santa Monica Blvd.  Parking is tough in this area but we did wind up parking for free in a city lot.  As we walked along, I did get a kick out of a parking meter that took credit cards.  Pretty soon, you won’t need to carry any money at all.

Parking Meter BH MC capable (Small)

Credit card enabled parking meter – Beverly Hills

We did get to Rodeo Drive, which hadn’t changed all that much since we last visited.

Rodeo Drive (Small)

Ellen at the famous Rodeo Drive

On our way back to the car – without spotting a single celebrity or at least one we knew – we arrived at the Art Fair.  The Fair spanned several blocks of Santa Monica Blvd and sported some neat works of art in various media.

From Beverly Hills, it was off to the Pico Robertson area for a kosher meal that needed to include some kind of meat.  We checked out an Iranian restaurant before choosing the Chinese-Persian combination restaurant we used to go to with Louis (Ellen’s father).  We shared a very tasty Almond Beef dish.  After having fish for so long, it was nice to have a prepared meat dish.

Tonight we are staying at the La Quinta LAX so we can be close to the airport for our morning flight back to Chicago.  The process is a little complicated – return the car, take the shuttle to LAX, catch the hotel shuttle at LAX to La Quinta (on Century Blvd).  We pulled it off with no big problems.

The La Quinta LAX is a massive hotel.  We got our keys to room 712 and headed to drop off our bags.  There was only one slight problem; we opened the door only to find a women in bed watching TV.  I am pretty sure that she missed part of what she was watching.  We called the front desk from the floor and soon a security guard came up with another key.  Those darn computers.  The room was very nice and quiet. 

Got to get up early tomorrow to catch the 7:30 AM Shuttle…

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