Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Sunny – 73F

The Star Princess is on her Eastbound Transpacific leg…

The seas are a little rocky – a weather front did indeed come through the islands.  On the plus side, it is still sunny and warm outside.

I had another nice breakfast in the Horizon Court – an omelet (cheese, tomatoes, and onions) plus some oatmeal and biscuits.

Later in the morning, I, of course, had my iced mocha decaf latte as I worked on my next presentation.  The sunlight pouring into the International Café was very nice.

Lunch was also in the Horizon Court and at 1:30 PM, I presented the “Mysteries of the Titanic” in the Princess Theater.  The attendance today was 500 plus – I was pleased at the turnout after the four days in the islands.

The presentation, however, had an unfortunate occurrence.  About half-way through the talk, I heard a loud groan from somewhere in the audience.  Then I noticed a lot of scurrying in the back right portion of the theater, where a passenger had apparently passed out.  The ship’s doctor, who had been a regular member of my audience, ran back to attend to the man.  I told the audience to let everyone do their job and turned off my microphone. 

After a few minutes, the man was revived and taken away by the doctor and some crew members.  The doctor gave me a “thumbs up” from the rear of the theater and I coaxed the audience into giving the passenger a round of applause.  On the humorous side, the AV tech came to me after this was all over and asked me if my mic was OK since he didn’t hear speaking.  The AV tech also told me to hurry things along but I explained the situation to him and I was able to finish the talk about 5 minutes late.  I wonder if the whole thing was caught on the tape of my talk.

We spent the afternoon reading in the Solarium (warm and toasty in there) and I finished “Taboo” (Reilly Steel Novel), which I really liked and started “Blue Labyrinth”, the latest (14th) Agent Pendergast Novel. 

We had dinner in the Horizon Court (tonight, there were ice sculptures in the buffet line).  I really liked the Coke bottle and glass one below.

20150122_ice sculpture Horizon (Small)

After dinner, we took in the Production Show, “Stardust” in the Princess Theater.  We have seen this show before with a totally different cast.  The show was still very good.

20150122_Stardust (Small)


Our post show entertainment consisted of listening to Magdalena playing the piano and singing in the Wheelhouse Lounge.

Hoping for smooth seas…

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