Thursday, March 5, 2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 70F

Another bumpy and boomy night…Where are the following seas?

20150124_view Deck 17 (Small)

Looks Calm but…

An early breakfast in the Horizon Court.  Today’s choices were a tangy Spanish Omelet, a small portion of Oatmeal, and biscuits.  The omelet, though premade, was very good.

I have the morning off so I spent it in the International Café with a latte.  I have found the perfect spot – in the back corner by a window and an outlet.  Like Panera at Sea.

We had lunch in the Horizon Court.  The menu was unfriendly today so I had a salad and Mac and Cheese.  That was fine because I was on the program at 1:00 PM.

The “Life and Death of Pharaohs” drew a very good crowd – maybe 80 percent of capacity (approximately 500-600 passengers).  Feedback on this presentation was very positive even though I feel it’s the most difficult one to give. 

20150124_ Pharaohs 1 (Small)20150124_Pharaohs (Small)20150124_ Pharaohs 7 (Small)20150124_ Pharaohs 2 (Small)

“Life and Death of Pharaohs”

I came across a new word in my readings and I thought, since it had a forensic component, I would share it with the audience.  One passenger knew what it meant and said it came from the Latin for “henpecked”.  That turned out not to be the case – “Uxor” is Latin for wife.  At any rate, it was a fun moment.

20150124_ Pharaohs 5 (Small)

Word of the Day

After the talk, we went up to Deck 18 – “Skywalker Night Club” because that area is designated a “Quiet” zone. 

20150124_Skywalker Nightclub (Small)

Even though it’s on the highest deck, its aft location makes it a bit smoother than forward lounges.  It is a great place for reading – comfortable seats, an ocean view, and you can put your feet up.

I finished “Blue Labyrinth” by Preston and Childs and now await installment 15 in the Pendergast Series.

We had dinner in the Capri Dining Room.  I had the minestrone soup and Mahi Mahi, which were both very good.  I also had some Penne Arrabiata (made on the spot).  The Dining Room was especially quiet this evening making for a very relaxing dinner.

At 9:00 PM we went to the Explorer’s Lounge to get good seats for the “Ye Olde Pub Night”.  This evening hosted by Deputy CD John Loney, consisted of songs and dances by the production cast but also and audience sing-alongs (song books provided).  It also involved a series of games involving passengers (we lucked out and were not “volunteered”) because some of the games were crazy.  It was a fun night and something we had never seen previously on a Princess Cruise.

20150124_ Ye Olde Pub 2 (Small)20150124_ Ye Olde Pub 4 (Small)20150124_ Ye Olde Pub 6 (Small)

“Ye Olde Pub Night”

After dinner, we listened to Magdalena Lachowicz in the Piazza. 

20150124_Theme from Titanic (Small)

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