Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Sunny – 70F

Sunny day at sea…

20150125_At sea (Small)

This morning, I had a made to order veggie and cheese omelet in the Horizon Court (very good).

Again, because of the conditions outside we spent time in either the Solarium or in the Skywalker Night Club. 

Lunch and Dinner today were in the Horizon Court.

My 1:00 PM presentation – an updated and expanded version of “The Whitechapel Murders” was well attended.  The theater was about 90 plus percent full – that works out to over 600 attendees.  It looks as if the series will be able to sustain interest for the full voyage.  The new material I added worked very well but there are some things that still need to be shored up in this talk.

I went down to the Wheelhouse Bar and ordered two “Dirty Bananas” during their afternoon 2fer promotion.  A “Dirty Banana” is a coffee liqueur infused banana daiquiri.  They were great.

20150125_ dirty bananas in Skywalker Lounge 1 (Small)

Dirty Bananas for two

We literally stayed up on the 18 deck until the sun went down – why not when it is comfortable, quiet, and warm up there.  We caught the sunset behind the ship as she sped eastward toward Mexico.

20150125_sunset and smoke deck 17 (Small)20150125_sunset deck 17 (Small)

Sunset in the Pacific

We passed on Princess Showtime – “British Invasion” (we’ve seen it before) and the Headliner, Ben Seidman – Comedy Magician.

Instead, we caught music in the lounges and read away the evening.

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