Thursday, March 5, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 70F

Clocks moved forward one hour last night…

Losing that hour of sleep was academic since the ship was very rocky and noisy night – the wave slapping banging continued in the morning.  A nap in the Solarium might be called for later in the day.

Breakfast was in the Horizon Court.  This morning I had scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, waffles with the usual, and biscuits.  It sounds like a lot to eat but the portions were small and there was a lot of protein involved.  I did have my post breakfast latte in the International Café and went through my talk.

Today’s presentation is at 11:30 AM and I am always concerned about competing with lunch.  However, “The Lost Dauphin of France” had a good turnout (500 plus attendees) and no one left early.

We had lunch in the Horizon Court.  Today’s menu featured two kinds of fish in Asian type sauces – they were both good.  The Veggie Asian fried rice was also very good.  A salad started the whole thing off as it does at every lunch.

The afternoon was spent in the Solarium reading and relaxing.  With the cooler and windy weather conditions, the Solarium is our location of choice.

We had an early dinner in the Capri Dining Room because Gazpacho was on the menu.  The Gazpacho was not an chunky (the way I like it) as last time but the Pan Fried Tilapia and baked potato made for a good meal.  The menu had a special chocolate cheese cake available tonight.

Princess Showtime featured singer Lovena B. Fox, a Canadian artist, who boasts “Ragtime” on her resume (we have seen her before).  Her CDs played in the background before the show so we basically knew her playlist beforehand.  The show was great even though some of the rock songs went too long and were too loud.  I also wanted her to sing something from Ragtime.  The highlight of the evening was the Bonnie Raitt classic, “I Can’t Make You Love Me, if You Won’t”.  Lovena said it was considered one of the best songs ever written – I don’t know if that’s true but it is one of my all time favorite songs and this was the first time I had ever heard it sung by anyone other than Bonnie Raitt.

Sea, be still…

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