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Monday, January 26, 2015 – At Sea – Ensenada, Mexico – Partly Cloudy – 68F

The sea was a little smoother as we approached the coast of Mexico…

I have the whole day off today.

The ship is scheduled to be in Ensenada, Mexico from 4 to 8 PM.  The Star Princess was a little late arriving so we will have to make our way around the town pretty quickly.  A lot of people complain about Ensenada and having to stop here – not me, I like the cute little town and I. wish they stopped here a little longer so we could see more of it.  The good thing is that we don’t have to search for WiFi to catch up after all of those days at sea – our phones have free international data and texting. 

The weather in Ensenada is perfect and the sail in was beautiful.

20150126_ Ensenada 1 (Small)20150126_Ensenada (Small)

Approaching Ensenada

20150126_Star P docked Ensenada (Small)

Star Princess Docked in Ensenada

We usually go down the Main Drag when we visit here but today, Ellen suggested we go a street beyond and see what was there.  This street, I think it was Calle 2A, just one block further back from and parallel to the port, is a world apart from the main avenue – there are better restaurants, spas, upscale jewelry stores, and fine shops.  We even ran into an old friend,

20150126_Ice cream Ensenada (Small)

Ellen and Thrifty Ice Cream

a place that sold Thrifty Ice Cream cones.  When we lived in Southern California, we loved Thrifty Ice Cream and we would always take our kids to the Thrifty Drug Store for their cones.  For about 15 cents or so, you could get a very tasty cone, albeit in only three flavors.  If this wasn’t Mexico, I would have tried the ice cream.  Still, a blast from the past in old Mexico.

We didn’t want to stay out too much after dark, so after reaching the cross street leading to the cruise terminal, we headed back to the ship.  The area seemed pretty safe – there were plenty of cruise folk still wandering about.  It was now dark and the ship was all lit up making for a very nice photo.

20150126_Star P night Ensenada (Small)

The Star Princess at Night in Ensenada

Because many of the passengers were still off ship, we were able to secure a nice table in the Capri Dining Room.  Tonight, we had the Orange Roughy and Gnocchi.  Both were very good.

At 8:30 PM, we attended Lovena B. Fox’s second show.

20150126_Lovina B Fox (Small)

It is difficult to get a picture of her because she uses a lot of bright lighting, which washes out any images.  In the two shows on the Star Princess, she has toned down some of her brassiness and delivered a more mellow and light performance.  Case in point, her cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”, I thought, was just as good if not better than the iconic original. 

After the main show, we hustled down to the Vista Lounge to see Steven Moris – Comedian/Singer/ex Beach Boy.  His brand of humor is pretty much off center but he plays guitar and sings very well.  His show is entertaining and I’m surprised that we haven’t run into him prior to this cruise.

Tomorrow, our last day at sea…

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