Monday, February 23, 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Cloudy – 60F

For some reason, there are no pictures from today…

I am kind of adapting to the room but still not getting much sleep (don’t really know why) – still somewhat cold outside and it won’t be getting warmer until we get a little more south.

Breakfast was in the Horizon Court – I couldn’t find the waffles so I had pancakes with cottage cheese, sour cream, and preserves.  I also had a little scrambled eggs and some biscuits (these biscuits are close to the best I have had on ships).  The coffee service was quick and the coffee was hot.  Overall, breakfast should be OK.

I went through my presentation for today - “The CSI Phenomenon” is scheduled for 11:30 AM in the Vista Lounge, located on Deck 7 Aft.  This is the ship’s alternate entertainment venue.  The AV is pretty good with the exception that all of the colors are muted (difficult to see the magenta highlighted items).  They do have headsets, which is critical.  In the lounge you can basically stand right next to the audience but the downside of that is that the screen is also at ground level and it’s easy to block someone’s view.  You have to keep moving.

My expectations were very low for attendance – we have very large groups on board (Asian and Mennonite (yes)), that I do not expect to be part of my audience.  The attendance was pretty good – maybe 150 attendees (and not a majority of CSI Fans).  The audience is very interactive and engaged and they even applauded when I put up my slide of Ziva David.  My kind of crowd.  Good feedback followed and a promise to return – we’ll see.

Even though it is just the first sea day, the ship is having its complimentary Pub Lunch in the Crown Grill.  The wait for a table for two was pretty long so we opted to share a table with a couple who attended my presentation.  It was a pleasant lunch.  I wasn’t sure what kind of fish I was eating and the “Sea Witch” Pale Ale was undrinkable. 

After lunch, we spent the afternoon reading on Deck 7.  I am reading “I am Pilgrim” by Terry Hayes, who is a screenwriter turned novelist – complicated investigative/spy novel and the longest book I have ever read.

Tonight we had dinner in the “Anytime Dining” venue - Capri Dining Room. I had the Pan Seared Snapper in Chili lemon sauce (very good), Cesar Salad and Key Lime Pie.

Showtime tonight features Fallon – a Hypnotist.  We generally don’t attend these kinds of shows.

After dinner, we spent a little time with Simon John in the Crooner’s bar.  He does not know “Hallelujah” – a minus for sure.

The seas as still a bit bumpy…

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