Monday, February 23, 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean - Mostly Sunny – 73F

Still looking for a smoother ride…no following seas yet…but a very beautiful day, nevertheless…

20150117_at sea (Small)

Breakfast in the Horizon Court consisted of a a small bowl of oatmeal, a pre-made but still nice and warm Spanish Omelet (a little tangy but good), and biscuits.  All good.

I am continuing my morning routine in the Piazza – iced latte and computer time (reviewing the talk of the day).

 20150117_morning ritual (Small) 

Yummy Coffee and a View

I have been moved to the Princess Theater at 11:30 AM for “Genetic Eyewitness” – theater about 70 percent full (capacity 700) – about 450 plus people.  Some folks must have gone to the Vista Lounge because a whole bunch arrived late.  Unfortunately, those passengers missed the “OJ Moment”.  Although it is not as easy to interact with the audience in the theater, the group in the front section still participates in the back and forth banter with me.  Now, at least, everyone can have a seat.

After chatting with some folks after the talk, I headed straight to the Portofino Dining Room, where Ellen had found a nice table for two.  The menu featured Fish Tacos (actually one huge taco), Greek Salad, and the super healthy Mozzarella Sticks.  The lunch was very good.

After changing clothes, we went up to Deck 15 Aft and dragged some chairs to the far end of the deck.  There was shade, no wind, and it was warm enough to stay outside.

20150117_great seats (Small)

Prime Real Estate on Deck 15 Aft

I finally finished “I am Pilgrim” by Terry Hayes – a very long book about terrorism and the Intelligence Organizations.  It had a semi-satisfying ending that hinted at a sequel (hopefully  shorter).  I started “Silkworm” John Galbraith (AKA JK Rowling), but couldn’t get into it (perhaps, I should have given it more time but I just couldn’t get into the main character (Cormoran Strike) and there were so many Briticisms in the dialogue that it became annoying.  I just set it aside for another attempt in the future.

Instead, I started “Taboo” by Casey Hill – a novel in the CSI Reilly Steel Series (American CSI in Dublin Ireland).  The book started off with some interesting forensics and a particularly bizarre case (the hook).  This might be an interesting series to follow. 

We had dinner in the Horizon Court.  Once again, it was double pasta night – Pasta Pesto and Pasta with tomatoes.  The Salmon Croquettes and the pastas were all very good.

I haven’t captured many sunsets on this cruise but I did get a nice picture of a near sunset below.

20150117_sunset (Small)

We passed on the Ventriloquist and his dummy, Noseworthy.  We have seen them several times.

Instead we went to the Wheelhouse Lounge and listened to the words and music of Magdalena Lachowicz.

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