Monday, February 23, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015 – At Sea – Partly Cloudy – 73F

Getting a bit warmer and we continue our southwesterly track toward the Hawaiian Islands

20150116_Deck 15 (Small)

A Nice Day at Sea

The ride was a bit smoother last night – more roll than boom.

Breakfast was in the Horizon Court.  Today, I had something different - Scrambled Eggs with tomatoes and feta cheese (good) – best biscuits – and oatmeal. 

My third talk - “Mystery of the Romanovs” is scheduled for 11:30 AM in the Vista Lounge. 

 20150116_Mystery of Romanovs (Small) 20150116_Mystery of Romanovs 1 (Small) 20150116_Mystery of Romanovs 2 (Small) 20150116_Mystery of Romanovs 3 (Small) 

Mystery of the Romanovs

The attendance today fills the Vista Lounge with some people having trouble finding any seats.  The talk went well and it looks like the word is getting around.  Also, today I am out of uniform trading my trademark black or dark golf shirts for some color.

We had a rare lunch in the Portofino Restaurant.  Ellen went ahead and got a table.  The Tuna Melt and Greek Salad were both very good.

The afternoon was spent reading on Deck 15 Aft.

Before dinner we listened to pianist Magdalena Lachowitz.  When she plays in the Piazza, she doesn’t sing.  Her instrumental arrangements are very good.

20150116_ Magdalena Lachowicz 1 (Small)

20150116_Magdalena Lachowicz(Small)

Dinner tonight was in the Horizon Court.  Besides the usual salad, I had the two pasta dishes (walnut sauce and tomato sauce with cherry tomatoes) – they were both very good.

Showtime tonight feature Derek Floyd back for his second show – tonight there were no Lionel Ritchie songs but rather other standards.  He put on a very good show.

 20150116_Derek Floyd (Small)

Derek Floyd

After the show, we went to the Crooner’s Bar to hear Simon John. 

Hoping for smooth seas tonight.

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