Monday, February 23, 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Sunny – 62F

Really rough night – awakened by rock and roll at 3 AM and then the rock and “boom” (waves hitting the ship) made it hard to get back to sleep…

You can’t really tell the sea status from the photos below but the magnitude of the wake and sea foam is consistent with a head on sea.

20150115_At sea (Small) 20150115_At sea 1 (Small)

At Sea – bumpily we sail along

Breakfast (as it will be for the whole cruise) was in the Horizon Court.  Today I had the WCSCP combination (Waffle, Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream, Preserves) – their very good biscuits completed the breakfast.

I have developed a nice morning routine – reviewing my talk for the day over an iced decaf mocha latte in the International Cafe.  They make a fine latte and it comes with a view of the ocean and a power plug.

My second presentation - “Cold Cases Solved” is scheduled for 11:30 AM in the Vista Lounge.  The attendance has increased to 90 percent of capacity or about 180 passengers.  The talk went well with the attendees jumping in at the appropriate time with very good comments.

The Portofino Dining Room had gazpacho but the wait for lunch was too long.  I asked the Maitre D for some gazpacho to go, which I took up to the Horizon Court.  The gazpacho was thick and slightly chunky making it really good. 

We spent the afternoon in the Solarium. 

20150115_Solarium 1 (Small)

I am still reading “I am Pilgrim” – a really long book.

Based on menu items in the dining room, we had dinner in the Horizon Court – very good rotelli with tomatoes – a sprinkling of parmesan cheese made this a perfect pasta dish.

Listened to Pianist Magdalena Lachowicz (from Poland) In the Crooner’s Bar (tries to sing in a smooth accented sort of way).

We also went to the Piazza to take in Makani E (Kimo and Lokelina).

Showtime tonight is a brand new production show called “Destination Anywhere”.  We have seen all four lead singers on previous cruises.  Even though we have been on a Princess Cruise as recently as three weeks ago, this show was not on the schedule.  It is a travelogue type of show with locales including Las Vegas, Africa, and Victorian London (Jack the Ripper like).  The music was apocryphal and the non-orchestra track too loud.  The production crew worked very hard, especially the dancers, but this show will probably be tweaked a bit. 

We finished off the evening with Piano Man Simon John (Brit) in Crooners Bar.  He sings some Cole Porter, Frank Sinatra, and Elton John. 

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