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Wednesday, April 24, 2013 – Castries, St. Lucia – Partly Cloudy – 85F

We are the only ship docked in Castries, St. Lucia today.  We are not docked in the city pier, where you can walk right out into the town, but across the harbor. 

20130424_Adventure OTS docked Castries (Small)

Adventure OTS Docked

Access to the town is a healthy walk that takes you along the harbor, over a bridge, and through several marketplaces. We are going to try to find the area of town containing the natural history museum (WiFi there is the price of a Coke Zero).

While we are not close to town, the ship is docked at a typical Caribbean Shopping Port.  We checked it out (prices much too high) on our way to Castries City Center.

20130424_Shopping Port Castries (Small)

Castries Shopping Port

20130424_Me and Castries Adventure OTS (Small)  

On the bridge to Castries

Civic pride is of prime importance in Castries as indicated by the sign below.  FYI.  Signs like this were found all about the town.  People either drink too much or there are two few loos.  I wonder if the sign can be misinterpreted such that the signs remain clean while the area under the sign not so much.

20130424_Civic Pride Castries (Small) 

We were unsuccessful in our WiFi search and couldn’t find any St. Lucia caps either.  Back to the ship for lunch in the Windjammer – the Windjammer on the Adventure of the Seas has the best Tuna Salad at sea (in my well traveled opinion).

Across the lagoon beyond the Shopping Center lies the St. Lucia Airport.  From Deck 4, you get a real good look at planes coming and going from the island.  I never get tired watching planes take off so I did that most of the afternoon along with listening to my audio book.

 20130424_Jet set to go Castries (Small)

Plane ready for takeoff

20130424_Marina and Lagoon Castries (Small)

Marina and Lagoon from Deck 4

The sail away from Castries was very scenic.  I was trying to capture the Pitons – twin volcanic peaks and a major stop for tourists – as we sailed away.  I did get them but from a distance.

 20130424_Castiries Sailaway (Small) 20130424_St Lucia Sailaway (Small) 20130424_Pitons in the distance (Small) 

The Pitons – visible in the distance

After dinner and on our way to the show, we got complimentary neck and back massages from a Spa therapist.  Very nice…

Ellen went a step further and participated in an acupuncture demonstration.

20130424_HMT rub (Small)20130424_The rub (Small)

 20130424_getting stuck (Small)

We found a seat in the Promenade and listened to the Melody Duo.  The picture below captures them singing “Hallelujah”. Our cruise is now officially complete.

20130424_Hallelujah (Small)

The Headliner tonight is Ollie Spencer – a Brit Comedian.  To be honest, I barely understood what he was saying and his jokes were very British oriented.  The little islands of laughter had to be coming from fellow Brits.

Pedometer: 6990 Steps; 3.31 miles; 376 calories

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