Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Mostly Cloudy – 59F

A cloudy, cool, day at sea…

 20130502_At sea (Small)

Because of the cool weather, Deck 14 (Blue Moon) is a very popular venue.  We spent the morning up there reading and working on my remaining talks. 

At 10:30 AM, I took in Ben Sodek’s talk on Iceland – not sure how it relates to this cruise but Iceland is always an interesting topic.

We had lunch in the Dining Room – I have really gotten into their salad bar – you choose and they toss the ingredients – somehow it tastes better than if you did it yourself.

My fifth talk is the much delayed “Cold Cases Solved”.  The attendance continues to grow – estimated at well over 300 passengers.  With about 15 minutes to go in the talk, my computer went into “hibernation”.  The battery had drained despite the fact that the unit was plugged in.  Ellen called the AV guys and they determined that the charging cord had failed (internal contacts were loose – it worked in certain positions but not in others).  It is now taped in such a way that it will charge but I may use one of the AV laptops tomorrow.  With the slides gone, I finished the last 15 minutes by relating the information to the audience.  I could not remember all of the names of the individual involved since I rarely commit them to memory – they are on the slides. 

The feedback on the talk – despite the technical glitch – was very positive.  People were impressed that I could continue without my slides.

After the talk, we were back up on Deck 14 – spent a lot of time chatting with passengers and trying to read (with little success).

We had dinner in the Vivaldi Dining Room – Blackened Salmon, Sea Bass.  The Salmon was very good served with a cherry tomato sauce and spinach.  We spoke to the Assistant Maitre D’ about ordering Kosher meals for tomorrow.  We did so for lunch and dinner – this should be interesting.

I was stopped by several passengers on my way out of the restaurant indicating how much they liked the talk today despite the technical snafu.

The show tonight is “The East Coast Boys” a cover group for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  I am pretty sure we have seen them before (mostly likely with some cast switches) but they were very entertaining because they were in their Jersey Boy’s characters complete with thick NJ accents.  They all had good voices and the lead singer was terrific – the choreography was very good although I missed the “Walk Like a Man” marching move.

20130502_East Coast Boys (Small)

20130502_East Coast Boys-1 (Small)

East Coast Boys

No time change tonight – Maybe a good night’s sleep at last – the ship’s vibration also seemed reduced.

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