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Thursday, April 25, 2013 – Basseterre, St. Kitts – Partly Cloudy - 83F

A beautiful but humid day in Basseterre, St. Kitts.

The last time we were here, it was a Sunday or a holiday and the entire town was shut down.  Today, we will have a better chance of seeing this city.  The ship (the only one) is docked at Port Zante – a shopping center complex.  St. Kitts is quite picturesque with volcanic peaks predominating.  St. Kitts and Nevis combine to be an independent republic.

20130425_St Kitts (Small)

St. Kitts Eastern Peninsula

20130425_St Kitts peninsula and Nevis (Small)  20130425_Nevis Under clouds (Small)

The Island of Nevis

 20130425_Basseterre St Kitts (Small)

Ellen and Basseterre in the distance

20130425_Port Zante Shopping Area (Small)

Port Zante Shopping Area

When you pass through the gate separating Port Zante and Basseterre, you enter a quaint – albeit rundown – town somewhat reminiscent of New Orleans.  There are many locals in bars already and several – mostly women – in gray business suits (my guess is they work in one of the many banks in this small town).  There is an unarmed police presence.  The people in the shops are very friendly and helpful.

20130425_Basseterre (Small)

Beautiful downtown Basseterre

20130425_Basseterre Church 1922 (Small)

Church (ca. 1922)

The town contains a large park – Independence Park – that is full of trees (the apparent lack of water is reflected in the lack of green).  The center of the park contains a fountain (no water).  Water availability might be a problem on this island.

20130425_Independence Park (Small) 

Independence Park

20130425_Independence Park Fountain (Small)

Independence Park Fountain

We circled back toward the Shopping Zone to get a picture of the Clock Tower that graces the main street leading from the pier.

20130425_Town Square Clock Basseterre (Small)

Basseterre Clock Tower

Back in the Shopping Zone, we were searching for both shade and WiFi and both were difficult to find.  One thing we did find plenty of was the Zombie Pirate – an animated skeletal pirate present in front of many of the stores.  The one below is a good example of this local treasure.

20130425_Zombie pirate of Basseterre (Small)

While most of the WiFi was secured, one router – Rockys Linksys – was open and belonged to one of the shops.  No password needed.  The connection was iffy but we were able to download our e-mails.  We even came back later in the afternoon to recheck communications from back home.

The sail away from St. Kitts was again scenic with Nevis coming into view. FYI – the cloud cover over Nevis’ Peak never dissipated during our entire stay. 

20130425_St Kitts Sailaway (Small)

St. Kitts Sail Away

20130425_St Kitts Sailaway Nevis (Small) 

20130425_Nevis Sailaway Up Close (Small)

Nevis – Sail Away

We also passed by an almost perfect conical island (inhabited?).

 20130425_Lone Island St Kitts Sailaway (Small)  

Dinner in the dining room was once again very good.  We have arranged with the Assistant Maitre D’ to have Salmon available every night – either blackened or grilled (the blackened version is very good). 

Tonight, the ship is starting its crossing and saying goodbye to the Caribbean run – this is celebrated by a singing and dancing show by our waiters.

  20130425_Fairwell to the Caribbean Dance (Small) 20130425_The Macarena (Small)

20130425_Keadran our waiter (Small)

Goodbye to the Caribbean Show

20130426_Ships Position starting Crossing (Small)

On our way across the Atlantic

The headliners tonight are another cover group for the Temptations. We opted for quiet reading time instead.

The clocks move forward tonight as they will for the next four nights. 

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