Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Sunny – 56F

I feel like dialing 1-800-AlGore to see where all the Global Warming went.  Southwest Florida was under a freeze watch last night and this morning, the temp is in the mid 40s. 

We have worked out a very good plan for today.  The drive to Ft. Lauderdale Airport is 91 miles and takes about two hours.  Our car is due back before 11:00 AM.  We had gassed up on Friday and we need to return the car with the same fuel level (1/2 tank – really!!).  We left just after 9:00 AM and even with a wrong turn near the airport, wound up at ACE Rental Cars at 10:45 AM.  Check in was easier than check out and after about a 15 minute wait, ACE provided a complimentary shuttle to the Port Everglades Cruise port.


20130217_Itinerary (Small)

Passing our luggage to the porters and checking in was very quick and there was no wait to board the ship.  A great plan with a great result.  We found out while getting on the ship that the cruise director was Stewart Turnbull – we sailed with Stewart on our triple Caribbean cruise last February. 

Everything went according to the usual pattern:

The Lunch in the Oceanview Cafe was good (you can tell how good the food will be by how good the tuna salad is)

Our Seapass cards didn’t work.

20130217_Room 3519 (Small)

Room 3519 -  Port Forward

According to the letter in our stateroom – Room 3519 – I would be meeting with the Entertainment Manager, Maria T. Kelly – at 5:15 PM in Celebrity Central and then filming a preview of my talks with Stewart at 8:00 PM in Quasar.

Port Everglades is busy today with six ships listed as docked.  The Silhouette is the only Celebrity cruiser. 

The afternoon is spent in the Solarium and resting.

20130217_Lounging in Solarium (Small)

Taking it easy in the Solarium

 20130217_Port Everglades (Small)

20130217_Oceanography University (Small)  

The largest Princess Ship, the Ruby Princess, is the first of the cruisers to depart.

 20130217_Ruby Princess 1 (Small)

Bon Voyage, Ruby Princess

We are next to go and follow the Ruby Princess out to sea,

20130217_Ft. Lauderale sailaway (Small) 20130217_Plane for FLL (Small) 

Ft. Lauderdale Sail Away

I met with Maria at 5:15 PM and she indicated that I would be giving all five talks.  The other speaker is David Holland – Destination.

At 8:00 PM,

20130217_Ships position (Small)

I met with Stewart Turnbull to film my little promo.

IMG_20130217_Ready for Closeup (Small) IMG_20130217_Interview w Stewart (Small)

We are live in 3..2..1..

We ate in the Oceanview Cafe.  I like the Pasta Bar – today, Spaghetti with garlic and olio.  Very good.

The Party Band – The Runaways – are playing at 100db in the Grand Foyer – they sound foreign (they are actually from the UK) and they are the first non-Filipino Party Band we have seen wince we started cruising – a monumental first.  What makes them watchable is the Doo Wop choreography displayed by the three lead vocalists.  More fun to watch than to listen to.

 20130217_Runaways Party Band 1 (Small)

The Runaways

We attended the Welcome Aboard Show – performing was the A Cappella Group - “The High Cs” and magician, Martin Brock, from Denmark.

No piano vocalists on board this time – a jazz band and two guitarist-vocalists. 

The seas are choppy (the Captain warned us) and the decks to windy and cold.  Hoping for improvement tomorrow on our first sea day.

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