Sunday, February 24, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013 - At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Windy – Cloudy – 70s

A semi-nice day at sea…

Breakfast in the Oceanview Cafe – all of the elements are present on this cruise – waffles, cottage cheese, sour cream, whipped cream, and jams and jellies.  My breakfast away (and at) home.

All my talks are scheduled for Celebrity Central – the schedule is really fluid so I can’t even preview the next talk.  The Celebrity Central venue is being used by several groups that are on board for this cruise.

The first talk - “The CSI Phenomenon” – is attended by about 100 folks – not bad for a first talk in the Caribbean.  About 90 percent of the attendees are fans of forensic TV shows.  People are still trying to talk me into watching “Criminal Minds”.  The talk is introduced by Maria. 

 IMG_20130218_Intro by Maria (Small) 

Introduced by Activities Manager, Maria

The rest of the day was spent in the Solarium.  Lunch was in the Oceanview Cafe – the tuna salad continues to be outstanding (almost Subway grade).  I am currently trying to finish Stieg Larssen’s second book - “The Girl Who Played with Fire”.  While in the Solarium in the afternoon, we noticed a bit of activity in front of us.  Pool butlers wearing latex gloves, biohazard plastic bags, disinfectant spray bottles, and warning signs.  We had to inquire – turns out they were cleaning up some “throw up” – the ship has really been moving and I guess it was too much for one passenger.  The amazing thing is that this all happened about 20 ft away and neither of us noticed.  The good thing is that they are cleaning it up like it was a plutonium spill.

20130218_Cleanup Aisle 5 (Small)

Cleanup on Aisle 4

We had our second dinner in the Oceanview Cafe – tonight was Stir Fry night – not bad really but not as good as the pasta bar.

The show tonight was “Broadway Nights”.  This was similar to the other Broadway type of shows except that some new songs were added to the song list and others dropped.  The show was entertaining.

20130218_Thank you for the music (Small)

“Thank you for the Music”

20130218_Dancing Queen 1 (Small)

“Dancing Queen”

20130218_Finale (Small)

The Finale

Tomorrow, we are going to be in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

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