Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Warm – 80Fs

Another beautiful day at sea…

Today was the fabled Celebrity Brunch – bagels/lox/cream cheese, veggie omelet, and Caesar Salad did it for me.  For some reason, the food always tastes better at the brunch.

My last talk - “Identifying the Famous and Infamous” is scheduled for 1:00 PM – this time, the talk was advertised as usual with only one glitch – who is this Tingert fellow talking on Forensics?

IMG_20130223_tingert (Small)

Early in the cruise I had indicated to the audience that we might have a Q&A on one of the final sea days.  One wasn’t scheduled so I asked Maria if I could ask passengers interested in a Q&A to follow me into the Quasar Disco after my talk today.  She told me that Celebrity Central was free until 2:30 PM so I could use the extra half hour.

Maria introduced me for my final talk, which had the largest attendance of the cruise – the place was full (Maria estimated 200 people).  I also told everyone that if anyone was interested, they could stay after the talk and I would present a little information on the Unknown Titanic Child and I could answer some questions.

The last talk went very well – followed by a round of applause - and I told people that I would need to reset the slides and people could stay if they wanted.  The crowd shuffled a bit and when I got started only about 40 or 50 people left – the crowd was about the same as it was for Talk Number 1.  When I finally finished at 2:30 PM, I got a nice round of applause and lot of positive feedback.  A successful run for a Caribbean cruise with good weather on deck.

We had dinner in the Dining Room – finishing off a week of pretty good food. 

We were pretty much packed so we spent a few minutes listening to the Runaways.

20130223_Runaway band from UK (Small) 


The open decks were warm and calm so we spent some time out there reading before Showtime.

20130223_enjoying the warm deck (Small)

Ellen on Deck 5

We attended the farewell show – I didn’t see it but Ellen told me the BTP speakers made the Cruise in Review Video.  The show featured the High Cs, the comedian from “Sin City” late show (never caught the show), and an encore performance from Travis Turpin.

We are on the “Extended Hollywood Tour” tomorrow – Hollywood, FL on our own and then a drop off at the airport. 

Suitcases were put out and we are set to go tomorrow.

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