Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Warm – 80sF

A beautiful day at sea…

20130222_ships position (Small)

So beautiful, in fact, that I did not take any photos all day long.

My third talk - “Mystery of the Romanovs” is scheduled for this afternoon.  This talk did not get on the front page of the TODAY and was not mentioned in either the briefing at the show the night before or during the 10:00 AM Briefing of the day’s events.  I am a bit apprehensive that very few people will see the one “non-bolded” line for the talk on page 3 of the program (I had trouble finding it last night). 

It turns out that passengers – especially the ones who come to lectures – do read each line looking for the BTP speakers.  It was essentially a full house.  The talk went well – I chatted afterwards with some Russian passengers, who confirmed that my Russian phrase and Russian cross were correct and who enlightened me with respect to the Russian Orthodox Church and the Romanovs.  Everything worked out real well. 

We passed on the Dining Room tonight – Second Formal Night – due to a paucity of items on the menu.  Had a very good dinner in the Oceanview Cafe instead.  Also passed on the Show - “Silhouette the Show” having seen it several times.  Looked for quiet and reading time.  I finished “The Girl Who Played with Fire” and will finish the trilogy next cruise.  I started reading another Harry Bosch Novel - “The Last Coyote”.  Sidebar: I don’t know what Harry Bosch looks like but when I read about him all I can see is Mike Franks – Gibb’s late mentor on NCIS.

Another sea day to look forward to tomorrow – the weather is supposed to continue to be nice.

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