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December 28, 2023 – Miami, Florida – Raining – 60F

Disembarkation Day

Up early again this morning so I went to the Windjammer for my usual breakfast and was also able to get a picture of pre-dawn Miami.  The Cafe was not the chaotic place I thought it would be.

I brought Ellen her breakfast even though it was disembarkation day.

We were out of our cabin 8 AM and hung out in the Promenade until 9:30 AM – 

The Promenade was a comfortable place to wait until leaving the ship.  The chairs were comfortable and there weren't a lot of people crowded into a small room.  I was able to almost punch out my coffee card – maybe one short – by getting an iced mocha this morning.

We waited until the Promenade was deserted and then took off for the gangway.  

Because of the size of the ship and the number of bags, the bag retrieval area used carousels like an airport.  We waited by our designated carousel (Group 33 was on Carousel 11, I think) but our bags did not come off that carousel.  After going back and forth through the carousels (I think there were 11), we finally found our bags. 

Immigration was simple since the Port of Miami has facial recognition.

We were going to take a cab over to the MSC Terminal (per instructions from Guest Relations) but the cab driver told us that she couldn’t do that but that there was a free shuttle between cruise terminals.  Ellen got us into a short line for that shuttle – another Jedi power – and soon we were at the MSC Terminal.  This would be our last cruise of three.

The short cruise on the Independence of the Seas turned out to be a pleasant surprise with good food, good entertainment, and good service.  It was a good call.

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