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December 21, 2023 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea – Rainy and Gray – 70s

Happy Winter Solstice

it’s all downhill and longer days from here on out.  The chop continued and interfered with sleep.

It was too wet on the Sunset Terrace for breakfast but I did get a picture of the sunrise.

 I got a nice table inside and the food was just as good.  This morning, I went a bit crazy - pancakes with chocolate syrup and two fried eggs.  Why not?

My final talk, “Open Unsolved Cases: Forensic Genetic Genealogy”, was at 10 AM in the Cabaret Lounge.  Another very nice turnout – I think the audience occupies between 70 and 80 percent of the theater.  The stage was decorated with about a foot of “Snow” for tonight’s Holiday Show.  The snow was nice but it blocked the bottom of some of my slides.

A nice round of applause and some very positive feedback followed the talk.  Azamara Onward really provided me with great audiences.

It was still warm enough on the open deck so we spent a good part of the day out there.

I had prescheduled an Uber for tomorrow (pick up at 9:15 AM – fifteen minutes after our group was scheduled to leave the ship).  Ellen, who thinks through things more logically, thought that was a bad idea since we did not know how long immigration would take.  I cancelled the ride and would schedule tomorrow when we were fully off the ship. NOTE: Pre-scheduled Uber rides are charged immediately so I guess that charge sticks if you are delayed. 

We had a different strategy for dinner – we checked the program and saw that The Patio stayed open for lunch until 5 PM.  At 4:30 PM, we went there and I ordered a Beyond Burger.  I don’t know what they did but this burger was excellent – I think the difference here was the actual hamburger bun it was on.  My earlier burger came on a very big non-hamburger bun and it was difficult to eat.  Well, the one tonight was perfect.  A great final dinner.

We passed on the Christmas/Holiday Show and used that time to pack.  The really dirty clothes had been laundered by the ship and were read to go.  Ellen used her magic to pack everything quickly and efficiently and nothing looked smooshed.  When I packed before, there was little room left.  She even managed to throw in a couple of bottled waters for the next cruise.  A packing engineer.

The evening was not yet over – at 9:00 PM, Eric Ball and I were supposed to participate in a “Campfire Session” on the Pool Deck.  It was raining and the pool deck was a miserable place to be so Astrid moved it to the Living Room.  There was no announcement only an entertainment staff member directing people to the Living Room.  There was also supposed to be hot chocolate and popcorn and we were supposed to tell ghost or scary stories.  I have never been camping and I don’t know any ghost stories so that should be interesting.

Well, needless to say, not that many people showed up but those who did were very engaged in Eric’s story about his relatives who were on the Mayflower and part of the Jamestown Colony and my ongoing complaint about the OJ Simpson case and how some important evidence never made it into closing arguments and into juror’s heads.  I think those who came found it interesting and I probably did too much talking relative to Eric but once I get started with OJ, well.

Last minute items got into the suitcases and I put them outside our cabin. We are in Group Green 7 and can stay on the ship until 9 AM.  Maybe it’ll be smoother outside.  Hoping for a decent night’s sleep because we have to get up early enough to get breakfast and out of our room by 8 AM.

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