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December 18, 2023 – Basseterre, St. Kitts – Partly Cloudy – 80sF

A nice day in the independent country of St. Kitts. 

I got a nice picture of the Island and Port Zante and Basseterre as we approached in the early morning.

Our plan today is to walk off the ship and check out the port area for a spa and some pampering.  I emailed a spa to try and make reservations but they said they were book until January 2024.  We will try to find someone else.  

After another nice breakfast, we walked to the entrance to the city of Basseterre and the shopping/touristic area.  It was a little longer walk than usual, as we were docked one pier away from our usual spot probably because there was pier construction going on.  

The massive P&O Arvia (180,000 tons – 5200 passengers) was parked next to us – Onward literally looked like a lifeboat next to that big ship. 

The spa that told me they were booked suggested we check out “The Chop House”, which was just a block or so from the entrance.  We did and their prices were higher than what we pay back home so we passed on pampering for this trip.  We walked into the town a bit but it was hot and crowded due to the number of disembarked passengers.  We decided to head back to the ship for lunch.  Before going back, we did get a picture of the new St Kitts Sign.

Back on board, we had lunch on the Sunset Veranda - it was a wonderful day weatherwise.  Accompanying lunch today was an Italian Beer – Birra de Moretti.  

A good mild beer. Lunch itself consisted of the grilled tuna wrap and onion rings. I can only eat half the wrap and it was very good.  

We found a nice set of loungers on Deck 5 Forward in the shade and stayed there all afternoon.  The temperature and winds were perfect as were the views of St. Kitts.  I could tell it was raining in the mountains above Basseterre but the rain never threatened us.  A very pleasant afternoon. 

Tonight is White Nights with its massive buffet up on Deck 9.  

There isn’t much for us to eat up there so we had dinner in the Dining Room while most of the ship was partaking of barbecue on the pool deck.  The salmon on this ship is very good and tonight I also ordered a side of creamed spinach.  The dinner was very good.  The plan was to have dessert at the big buffet.  We were able to score a great table on Deck 10 overlooking the band area.  

We had the Crepes Suzette, a tradition at White Nights.  Tonight it was served by the Hotel Director.  I thought it was pretty good.  Because the ship is not sailing full, the affair did not seem as crowded as usual and more comfortable over all. 

The entertainment started off with East Pearl doing some easy listening tunes finishing up with “Sweet Caroline” (“Pap, pap, pap” and “so good, so good, so good”).  

At 8:15 PM, the March of the Crew and hanky waving started followed by some comments by Captain Carl about the demographics of the crew, etc. 

Captain Carl also said that the ship was actually moving in the opposite direction to its course in order to reduce the winds across the deck.  There was essentially no wind to deal with on this White Nights, a problem on past events.  Once the program was over, Onward would turn around and resume the plotted course to the next port of call, Road Town, Tortola, BVI.

Then Eric and crew got into their song list, which, by the way, was different this time round.

 The songs included “It’s Raining Men”, “You’re the One That I Want” (Astrid and Antonio)

 (something happened to Astrid’s mic and I couldn’t really hear her part of that duet), “Feel Like a Woman”, “We are Family”. Bob Style joined the ensemble on “My Girl”.  

The group also did "Feel Like a Woman" by Shania Twain (Annie and Amanda put on their cowboy hats and danced by the pool for that one).

There are a lot of good voices in this troupe of entertainers and that made the show very entertaining.

We went back to the room when the show started to wind down.  We have a very early excursion tomorrow.

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