Monday, August 26, 2019

October 13, 2018 – Haifa, Israel – Partly Cloudy – 79F

Today, we are in the picturesque sea port of Haifa.  There are plenty of vistas to shoot from the upper decks of Constellaton.

Haifa is an easy port to visit as the ship is docked very close to the city and the exit/entry process is pretty simple.  Normally, we would take the free Tourist Bus but we were told that the bus no longer operates.  Our only option today is to walk around the town.  The only problem is that it is warm and humid.

It's a short walk to the terminal and the security check was, in my opinion, inadequate.

Security Checkpoint

Most of the stores are closed today but we did walk around the “New Downtown” of Haifa – consisting mostly of pubs and restaurants.  There were many people about in the restaurant area.

We also visited what looked like a new mall on the street that leads up to the Bahai Temple. The mall is nice inside but contains few shops.  It had plenty of visitors today.

We walked up the hill a few blocks to get a better picture of the Temple but soon decided that climbing a hill today was not a good idea.  I did, however, get a pretty good shot.

It was very warm and humid so we returned to the comfort of the ship.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the cool and comfortable Solarium.

The Showtime Headliner tonight was again Ollie Mulkeen – another low turnout for Ollie. He’s very entertaining so this must not be a show going crowd.

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