Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Cloudy – 84F

The weather continues to be warm as we continue toward the Equator…

20141210_135231-1 (Small)

I have the morning off so it is filled with reading and relaxing.

20141210_At Sea (Small)

There were some birds following the ship and I managed to catch up on camera.

20141210_bird escort (Small)

Our Avian Escort

My next presentation, “Mysteries of the Titanic”, is scheduled for 1:15 PM.  It is another good turnout with about 550 – 600 people in attendance.

Dinner tonight was in the Horizon Court – I went over to the Trident Grill to pick up a slice of their pizza.  On the way, I passed the huge outdoor theater screen.  This time, on the screen was an image of the moon with loud music in the background.  There were plenty of people watching this.

20141210_the pool deck (Small)

The Moon on the Screen

After dinner, we went to the Vista Lounge to see comedian Scott Harris.  We have seen him before and he is funny but the last time, he focused on “old people” jokes.  No so this time.  New stuff and very funny stuff.  Always good to have a comedian on board.

20141210_Scott Harris (Small)  

Comedian Scott Harris 

After Scott finished, we went over to the Theater to see the Singers and Dancers perform.  I think they were part of the show also featuring Flautist Stephen Clark (and we got there late).

20141210_Showtime (Small) 20141210_ Showtime 1 (Small) 20141210_ Showtime 2 (Small) 20141210_ Showtime 3 (Small) 20141210_ Showtime 4 (Small)


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